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Supreme Court Delivers Major Immigration Ruling

The Supreme Court ruled that illegal aliens detained for six months don’t have the right to a bond hearing for release in a decision released Monday.

The decision addressed two separate cases involving three illegal aliens, two of which were Mexican nationals that entered the U.S. illegally after being previously deported. After they were detained, they filed a putative class action for a bond hearing after six months of detention.

The third illegal alien was from El Salvador and also reentered the country illegally after being previously deported. He also sued in Washington federal court for a bond hearing.

“Respondents sought withholding of removal under the INA based on their fear that, if returned to their countries of origin, they would face persecution or torture,” Justice Sonia Sotomayer stated in her opinion.

The case was brought to the high court under the Trump administration and was inherited by the Biden administration, which continued to pursue the previous administration’s fight, according to the Associated Press.

Biden was criticized for the move by some, with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) saying the administration “decidedly on the wrong side of this fight,” according to the AP.

  • Philip s warden warden says:

    If the Rogue Illegal stolen Swamp scum in DC. will not Stop this Invasion at the Southern Border.
    We the People have Right to stop it !!! Even if. it means throwing the Scum out of the Swamp, and then throwing every last person. that entered the USA illegally out !!!! no if’s and’s nor buts, and micro chip them. with a hidden chip, that alerts if they cross the border and locates them real time. If they come back 3 times .give them prison time of 5 years hard labor. Building infrastructure.

  • Sharon says:

    If the ACLU says SCOTUS was wrong then SCOTUS must be right! Good job. They should be denied a hearing.

  • Danna pavlik says:

    They don’t belong here…period

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