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Supreme Court Approves Counting Undated Mail-In Ballots in Pennsylvania — Justice Alito Issues Election Warning

What has happened to the rule of law in this country?

The Supreme Court ruled that mail-in ballots with missing dates can be counted in the state. This alarming ruling will affect future elections significantly.

ABC News reported:

The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday gave the green light to counting undated mail-in ballots in a contested Pennsylvania local election, a move with potentially broader implications for close races in November’s midterm elections.

Over the objection of three justices, the Court restored a federal appeals court ruling that said disqualifying ballots received on time but lacking a handwritten date on the return envelope would violate federal voting rights.

Pennsylvania state law requires that voters include a date next to the signature, even though mail ballots are typically postmarked and dated again by election officials when they are received. The appeals court concluded the absence of the handwritten date was an “immaterial” error.

The Supreme Court did not elaborate on its decision to allow counting to proceed, and it is not binding precedent. But it does suggest that a majority of justices support the view that discarding ballots over small administrative errors or omissions would harm the franchise.

Justice Samuel Alito, in a dissent joined by Justices Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch, said he would have stayed the appeals court ruling in order to review the merits of the dispute, which he said “could well affect the outcome of the fall elections.”

Alito wrote that he believes the Third Circuit opinion is “very likely wrong.”

“When a mail-in ballot is not counted because it was not filled out correctly, the voter is not denied ‘the right to vote.’ Rather, that individual’s vote is not counted because he or she did not follow the rules for casting a ballot,” Alito wrote.

Pennsylvania has famously had a number of very close elections in recent years, in several cases decided by the counting of mail-in ballots with varying degrees of compliance with state voting regulations.

GOP Senate candidate David McCormick, who conceded to rival Dr. Mehmet Oz in his closely-watched Pennsylvania primary race last week, may have benefitted from the counting of undated mail-in ballots, which were ultimately discarded. He lost by 900 votes.

The court’s decision most immediately benefits the Democratic candidate in a 2021 race for a seat on the Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas, Zachary Cohen. He trails David Ritter, a Republican, by 71 votes. State election officials say there are 257 undated mail-in ballots that will soon be counted to finalize results in the race.

The Supreme Court has been deeply divided over election disputes and voting rights in recent years, with today’s decision highlighting differences among the justices and the kinds of political fights the court will likely face during a high-stakes election year.

  • Dorothy says:

    What good are they? It looks like they are working for the enemy. It is total bull and they know it. They are probably afraid of the Democratic mob. After what they get away with it is totally unbelievable. There is no use complaining, writing letters. It all means nothing.

  • Jim says:

    We are screwed. When the Supreme Court upholds illegal voting as legitimate? Only corrupt people would allow this. Will this attack on fair and legal ‘ONE VOTE – One PERSON ever be seen as honest and fair? My God, ID is required. Why do we continue to justify this fraud? Stop this shit!

  • Dorothy says:

    It looks as if they were approached by the mob. This is illegal. Stop letting them get away with this. The Supreme Court is a disapointment to us all. They will keep the Democrats winning. The law allowed thugs to go to their homes and I did not hear any arrests being made. The Abortion people did that and they had no damn right.

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