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Superfit Doctor Dies of a Heart Attack While Swimming During Triathlon Training

A highly fit doctor from Scotland suffered a heart attack while swimming in preparation for a triathlon, and he eventually died.

Mike “Kippy” Wilson, 46, was recovered from Lochindorb, a freshwater lake, at 12:55 a.m. on Thursday, August 18, according to Daily Record.

Emergency services were called to look for Mike’s body in the water after he was reported missing, but he was later pronounced dead at the scene.

According to reports, Mike was training for a triathlon when he died.

More from Daily Record:

Mike, from Aberdeen, was a doctor at Dr Grays Hospital in Elgin and leaves behind his heartbroken wife and two daughters.

His sudden passing has devastated his loved ones. His best friend Mike Watson lead the tributes to the ‘legend’ as he launched a fundraiser in his memory.

Speaking to the Record, Mike [bestfriend] said: “He was the most incredible friend who would bend over backwards for those he cared about, and I consider myself one of the lucky ones who got to be a part of his life.

“He was the friend I could call at three in the morning and would pick up, just as I would him.

“He had a great sense of humour, humanity and sense of adventure.

“He would call on a Saturday with the most ridiculous proposition. ‘Hey, lets go climb a Munro today… Hey, let’s go dog surfing in winter… Hey let’s go jump out and cycle 100 miles’. Whatever it was, I was always up for the adventure – albeit I sometimes needed a little prodding.

Mike hopes to raise funds for his best mate’s funeral and had planned a one-day 151-mile cycle in his memory from Whitby to Blackpool using Kippy’s bike.

Mike said: “He touched the lives of many, and it’s our turn to give back to his family in their time of need.

“In true ‘Kippy’ fashion, he thought he would live forever and made no preparations for his future. Due to the sudden death, I am raising funds to assist his family with funeral, memorial and legal expenses.

“As my cycling trainer, partner and general therapist, I will be cycling from Whitby to Blackpool 151 miles in one day – I hope to do this on Mike’s bike.”

  • Mac says:

    Who is tracking all of these unexpected deaths and which vaccination were these victims jabbed with?

  • Cb says:

    RIP to this young man. NOW i pray that his family and friends, who are kindly raising $ for his funeral will speak out and admilt that is IS the clot shot that killed him! If people would speak out, bring to light the murders and therefore have amazing legacies, doing in death what they sought to do in life- SAVE LIVES!

  • RAYMOND C HESS says:

    how many jabs-to keep you safe?

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