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Study Finds ‘Metal-Like Objects’ in 94% of Individuals with mRNA Vaccine Side Effects

Three Italian surgeons conducted a study analyzing blood from 1,006 people who developed symptoms after they got a Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna mRNA injection and found 94 percent of them to have “aggregation of erythrocytes and the presence of particles of various shapes and sizes of unclear origin,” one month after inoculation.

Erythrocytes are a type of red blood cell that carries oxygen and carbon dioxide.

“What seems plain enough is that metallic particles resembling graphene oxide and possibly other metallic compounds … have been included in the cocktail of whatever the manufacturers have seen fit to put in the so-called mRNA ‘vaccines,’” the authors wrote in the study’s discussion and conclusions.

Franco Giovannini, Riccardo Benzi Cipelli, and Gianpaolo Pisano, are the surgeons who authored the study, which was published on Aug. 12 in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, practice, and Research (IJVTPR).

They said their results are very similar to the findings of Korean doctors Young Mi Lee, Sunyoung Park, and Ki-Yeob Jeon, titled “Foreign Materials in Blood Samples of Recipients of COVID-19 Vaccines,” but that their 1,006 subjects represent “a much larger sample.”

“It could be claimed that, except for our innovative application of dark-field microscopy to mark the foreign metal-like objects in the blood of mRNA injections from Pfizer or Moderna, we have replicated the blood work of the Korean doctors with a much larger sample,” the Italian surgeons wrote.

“Our findings, however, are bolstered by their parallel analysis of the fluids in vials of the mRNA concoctions alongside centrifuged plasma samples from the cases they studied intensively,” they added.

Further studies are needed to define the exact nature of the particles found in the blood and to identify possible solutions to the problems they are evidently causing.

Out of the 1,006 cases, only 58 people showed a completely normal hematological picture via microscopic analysis.

The researchers cited numerous studies to back up their findings, including the “well-known” tendency of fibrin to cluster, vascular toxicity of the spike protein, and other adverse effects.

They picked four cases and analyzed their pre and post-vaccination health status, while showing dark field microscopic images.

“We assert unequivocally that the 4 cases described in this series are representative of the 948 cases in which extraordinarily anomalous structures and substances were found,” the researchers wrote.

“In conclusion, such abrupt changes as we have documented in the peripheral blood profile of 948 patients have never been observed after inoculation by any vaccines in the past according to our clinical experience. The sudden transition, usually at the time of a second mRNA injection, from a state of perfect normalcy to a pathological one, with accompanying hemolysis, visible packing and stacking of red blood cells in conjunction with the formation of gigantic conglomerate foreign structures, some of them appearing as graphene-family super-structures, is unprecedented. Such phenomena have never been seen before after any ‘vaccination’ of the past,” the researchers stated.

“In our experience as clinicians, these mRNA injections are very unlike traditional ‘vaccines’ and their manufacturers need, in our opinions, to come clean about what is in the injections and why it is there.”

“In our collective experience, and in our shared professional opinion, the large quantity of particles in the blood of mRNA injection recipients is incompatible with normal blood flow especially at the level of the capillaries,” the authors wrote. “As far as we know, such self-aggregation phenomena have only been documented after the COVID-19 mRNA injections were first authorized, then, mandated in some countries.”

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  • Phil Barberg says:

    This is why big pharma did not want specific information about the vaccines disclosed for 75 years. The vaccines have killed and crippled thousands of people. When given to children it causes sterility and mental issues. It all comes down to world population control. Why else would our government allow the vaccines to be continued to use and even require it be given the public employees and military after learning about the serious side effects. The untested vaccines are rubber stamped by the FDA as an emergency treatment without any formal evaluations. Why is the FDA refusing to approve Ivermectin, a proven drug that blocks the China Virus from infecting without any bad side effects? Ivermectin is used in India, Mexico and Japan with excellent results.

  • ELAINE67 says:

    These Rich Elite monst*rs & Global AGENDA 2030. So YES These Rich Tyrants & Democrat Communist Politicians (Pols) that are ALL VIL *E MONST*RS & KIL*ERS. The Manmade COVID PANDEMIC also Helped Dem Commie Pol Dirt to Cheat their way into Power AND COMMENCE THE DESTRUCTION of AMERICA & her LEGAL CITIZENS right on on schedule.
    The RICH ELITISTS POISONED anyone they could & who were TRICKED =Blackmailed, Terrorized & Bullied into getting THE VACCINE DEATH Jabs again, again & again. Even the Babies & Children were Stabbed with Poison labeled as a Vaccine that they DID NOT NEED because 99% of Children & Babies WERE NEVER AT RISK
    The VACCINE JAB from He*l. Thank the World’s Communists & The DEM COMMIE POL DIRT in power.

    Look up Agenda 2030 Henry Kissinger & Kraus Schwab & The Young Leaders Schools that were THE POISON thinking started & was taught to future World Leaders & The Communists of the world aka along with Democrat Cor*upt Politicians of TODAY. ALL the Communist Dictatorships like CHINA & the rest of the Murd*rers rushed to participate & commit GENOC*DE to DEPOPULATE our WORLD.
    To them WE are ALL Expendable!

  • mae says:

    I refuse their toxic medical practices! My kids and some of my grandkids freaked out when they found out! I freaked out when I found out about them! I had covid for 2 months, so I now have natural immunity! My poor niece got the jab not long ago, and died in her sleep from a heart attack! I was so pissed off.

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