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Study: BLM Kills 15 Times More People Through Increased Crime

Statistics show that one of the many effects the BLM protests and the accompanying “Defund the Police” movement had was a reduction in the number of people shot by police.

BLM got going about 10 years ago, and since that time about 200 fewer people have been killed by police.

Can BLM claim to have saved 200 lives? It certainly can, as long as the only question is “Have fewer people died in police custody or pursuits?”

Of course in the real world we look for net effects. We could stop every death from getting hit by ambulances speeding to the hospital by eliminating ambulances. Think of the lives saved! (I have no idea how many, but you get the point). As long as you ignore the fact that eliminating ambulances would cost countless lives you can point to all the accidents prevented.

The same principle obtains here. What have the knock-on effects been in reducing police activity? After all, the reduction in police shootings is almost entirely due to the reduction in policing. Contrary to the absurd claims of the most radical activists, police don’t go out hunting for people to shoot every day.

Since BLM got momentum crime rates have changed quite dramatically, particularly since the George Floyd protests of 2020. As policing activity has dropped, crime rates have skyrocketed, including murders.

The findings of the event study suggest that the BLM protests led police departments to pull back from interactions with the public and obtain body cameras, leading to increased crime and decreased police killings. Specifically, over the five years after local BLM protests, property crime arrests decreased by approximately 12%, while reported murders increased by roughly 11.5%, which is over 3000 additional homicides. Moreover, the property crime clearance rate experienced a sharp decline of around 8%. These statistics are not only alarming but also offer compelling evidence of a substantial decrease in police activity.

In other words, leaving aside the huge drop in quality of life for everybody, the number of people killed has increased dramatically.

For every life “saved”–and let’s be clear, almost all of the people “saved” were criminals who were engaging in life-threatening crimes–15 people died who would not have if BLM hadn’t destroyed our policing system.

That’s quite an exchange rate. For every life saved by reducing policing 15 extra people were murdered by a non-police criminal. Most of these people were not engaged in activity that was threatening the lives of others.

Nobody should be surprised by this fact. No sane person was surprised by this fact.

The truth is that the BLM/Defund the Police activists were able to have such a dramatic impact on policing for 2 reasons: they themselves engaged in violent behavior to intimidate people into making criminal activity easier (riots, which largely unpunished), and most people were too weak-kneed to push back.

Being accused of racism is a social death sentence. Few people can or are willing to endure it. So when activists scream “Racism” and throw violent tantrums the powers that be melt like candles to a flame.

People die as a result. Thousands of people.

Politicians virtue signal on these issues because they get rewarded for doing so, and refuse to do the right thing because they are punished for it.

The result is societal decline and thousands of unnecessary deaths.

  • Encore says:

    BLM…sucks! As does George Floyd’s family who cultivated this low life maggot to “earn” their blood money!

  • k says:

    Soros funded to bring chaos & destruction as the great reset comes into play…

    Think about it, Trump had “EVERYTHING & ANYTHING” put in place for Jb to take the reins & enjoy his “VACATION” @ his Delaware beach house; after all the taxpayers of Delaware bought him a nice fence for that beach house security whilst 7 million + “ILLEGAL ALIENS” invade America~ because JB insisted on screwing America whilst destroying America in the process.

    • T says:


      “The Department of Homeland Security initially doled out $456,548 in September 2021 to Delaware-based construction company Turnstone Holdings LLC for the purchase and installation of security fencing at Biden’s Rehoboth Beach home, according to, an online database tracking federal outlays”. And because of delays
      “…..while the cost to taxpayers has ballooned by nearly $35,000.”

      Soros has his hands in many politicians, media, judiciary, businessman, and other individuals that fill his need to reach his goals bringing down the US!

      I am pretty positive that’s why no one was ever held responsible for the destructive riots that took place before and after George Forman.

  • Larry Bowling says:

    I have been commenting for over two years that blm and antifa are nothing but a bunch of thugs who took advantage of the Floyd incident to raise a bunch of guilt money from citizens and businesses who wanted to ease their guilt by giving money to these thugs. True to my thinking, these two groups of thugs continued to riot, loot, burn businesses, beat citizens to death and the thugs were never arrested or prosecuted for anything. Instead, they used the donated money to buy million dollar homes, fancy cars and take trips all over the world using the donated money. Why in the world do we the people continue to give money to these thug gangs? Does it make the citizen donators feel better knowing that they are enablers for the thugs to continue to commit crimes and spend the donated money on themselves? Citizens need to understand all the problems that their donated money has caused and THEY NEED TO STOP SUPPORTING THUGS!

  • Hog Jockey says:

    The only black lives that mattered to the BLM organization were the blacks that ran the organization, and they took the money and ran! BLM is Bullsh*t Lying Motherfu*kers!

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