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Students at Two Pittsburgh Catholic Schools Placed on Locked Down After Swatting Reports of Active Shooter

100 Percent Fed Up reports- At approximately 11 am ET, Pittsburgh Police issued an alert to students and parents of Central and Oakland Catholic Schools to gather at the Oakland Quad Cathedral of Learning at the school, as police were investigating reports of an “actor” (active?) shooter.

The active shooting threats were, in fact, hoaxes that are believed to have been “computer generated swatting calls.

Alyssa Raymond of local WPXI confirmed that the call to 911 to repost an active shooter at Central Catholic School was, indeed, a hoax.

There were a total of 4 western PA schools that received the hoax shooter calls: Hopewell, Chalfont, Central Catholic, and Oakland Catholic.

According to Times Online – Hopewell and New Castle high schools were among many Pennsylvania schools targeted by fake active shooter “swatting” calls Wednesday morning.

Hopewell placed all staff and students on lockdown around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday as law enforcement responded to reports of an active shooter at the scene. Police were seen inside and outside the school. Those reports were found to be false, with multiple other Pennsylvania schools reporting similar unfounded threats.

New Castle City Police Department received a call from a “male threatening to shoot up New Castle High School” around the same time Hopewell responded to the threats, but upon further investigation, found many other schools received fake threats involving active shooters or potential bombs. New Castle High was immediately put on lockdown following the threats, with police officers clearing the school within minutes, officers said.

Swatting is where calls go out to multiple locations saying that there is an active shooter.

Police and first responders immediately arrived on the scene to address an active shooter—but it was all a hoax. In addition to horrifying students and staff at four schools, an untold amount of taxpayer funds were used to support the rescue efforts at the affected schools.

According to the Post-Gazette – The scare came as schools elsewhere in Pennsylvania and in other states were rocked by similar false reports. Numerous high schools in eastern Pennsylvania received such calls, Lehigh Valley Live reported. Such calls also hit dozens of schools in Massachusetts, according to

Pennsylvania State Police confirmed they were investigating “a series of phone calls made to 911 centers about schools across the Commonwealth involving threats of an active shooter situation or bomb threat.”

State police said the calls were made to schools in several different counties, and all had similar content.

These hoax calls into schools come only two days after the horrific slaughter of three 9-year-old children and three staff members at the Covenant Christian elementary school in Nashville, TN, at the hands of a 28-year-old transgender and former student of the Covenant School who left a manifesto behind. The contents of the manifesto have not yet been released.

  • Richard says:

    “Actor shooting”? Maybe Alec Baldwin was in town.

  • John says:

    Catholic and Christian churches need to call upon their members who are former veterans, or who served in the military, or in police departments to come to church fully armed and ready to forcibly stop these domestic terrorist luciferian Democrat demons from even getting into the church’s to start with, millions of Real Americans would be glad to volunteer our services to churches because God is King, not a corrupted vile demonic government ,people better find enough guts to stand up for God, Country, & self or otherwise they will be controlled and slaughtered by a communist / Democrat luciferian N.W.O. bio weapons attacking euthanasia agenda, until the day THAT GOD POURS HIS WRATH OUT on all these Godless spineless cowards for not standing up for GOD, CHURCH,A GOD GIVEN CONSTITUTION & HUMANITY, and the slaughtering & blood shedding of millions of innocent babies to serve a Democrat Satanic ritual of the spilling of innocent blood to fulfill their N.W.O. luciferian agenda of welcoming Satan himself to sit upon the throne of Earth in ISRAEL this is why Humanity will deserve the Wrath that’s coming from God himself soon enough

  • Rudog says:

    nuthin’ to really see here… jus’ distraction!!!!



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