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Stimulus Checks, Rebates, Other Payments to Hit Bank Accounts Next Month

Several states are set to mail out stimulus checks, tax rebates, and other payments in September amid near-historic inflation.

Recent data released by the federal government show that the Consumer Price Index, a key inflation metric, remained relatively elevated at 8.5 percent in July. While that was down from 9.1 percent in June, the figures represent highs not seen in about four decades.


Alaskans can expect payouts of up to $3,200 per person to be deposited into bank accounts on Sept. 20, including a payment of $650 meant to offset higher fuel costs, according to a government announcement last month.

The Alaska legislature in July passed a budget compromise that includes $3,200 payments to Alaskans. The budget compromise had a $2,550 Permanent Fund dividend and a $650 in one-time energy relief assistance for each dividend recipient

It will be a single payment to all eligible Alaskans whose applications were approved by Sept. 9. People who filed a paper application or requested a paper check will receive it starting around Oct. 3.

“Alaskans, especially in rural communities, will have to pay extraordinarily high fuel and heating oil bills this winter, and rampant inflation is forcing all Alaskan families to pay more for basic needs, like food and medicine,” Gov. Mike Dunleavy said in a statement about the program.


In Illinois, the state’s Family Relief Plan is offering single filers $50, while joint filers will receive $100. Families with dependents can get up to $300, according to the state.

Those payments will be sent beginning on Sept. 12, the state said on its website.

To qualify, people must have been an Illinois resident in 2021 with adjusted gross income on 2021 Form IL-1040 of less than $200,000 as a single filer or under $400,000 as a joint filer, the website indicates.


Eligible workers under the Minnesota Frontline Worker Payments program will qualify for stimulus payments worth as much as $750, according to the state.

Front-line workers, according to the state, work in health care, long-term care, emergency services, schools, retail, child care, and public transit. Those who applied between June 8 and July 22 and are eligible will get the money between September and October, officials told CBS News.


Residents in Indiana can receive tax rebates worth as much as $650, according to the state’s website. Checks were supposed to be sent out in August but were delayed due to a shortage of paper.

“With roughly 50,000 checks printed each day, their office anticipates all 1.7 million refund checks will be mailed by early” October, according to the government site.

Individual taxpayers can get $325 and couples filing jointly will get $650.


Colorado residents who filed to have their 2021 tax return by June 30 can get a check of $750 by Sept. 30, according to the 1992 Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights. Joint filers will receive up to $1,500, the state said.

Residents will receive a Colorado Cash Back rebate by Sept. 30, the state website said. Extended filers who have a deadline of Oct. 17 will get their rebate by Jan. 31, 2023.

  • Toni A says:

    Is this their way of letting us know that they have access to our bank accounts?? How can the government be giving away money when we are so deep in the red? I guess this is one way of buying votes since the election is in November and the money is coming out in September. Scum!!

    • Well Toni, its like this the money that they give out is all taxable. It increases the taxable income base because you have to report all earned income. Its economics one oh one. They win we lose.

  • John says:

    More government bullshit where’s the last two payments they’re full of it they’re just trying to crash the country faster these DEMOCRAT & RINO O.W.O COMMUNISTS SOCIALIST PARTY OF ELITIST DEMONS, if people were smart they would donate all their stimulus checks to start a 3rd constitutional government of WE THE PEOPLE, for the people, and by the people, and get rid of both sides of these lying deceptive greedy vile rich satanic political pukes, who do nothing but lie cheat steal as they try to kill HUMANITY and replace us with artificial intelligence so they will only have robots who don’t conflict with their communist agenda, & they don’t have to pay for their labor, and own all the wealth they ever wanted and don’t have to pay for any labor to get it in our world globally, this was the major satanic N.W.O plan of the Freemason and elitist Illuminati government long ago, free untiring labor and slowly eliminate Humanity so they can live in their globally demonic Kingdom of supreme power & confiscated wealth & resources. On a planet would likewise demons and Satan worshipers like themselves, it sounds like a sci-fi film but there’s always truth in their subtle evil messages and theories because it always comes down to their greed, wealth, resources, and money people who do not believe this are so Clueless & life stupid they need to go get their vaccine and the boosters so we get them out of our way when it comes time to destroying their evil plans of world control,domination & illegal confiscation of resources and wealth over Humanity.

  • Tp says:

    Try using punctuation, like commas and periods.

  • 1947 says:

    Giving away free money in stimulus is buying votes and it increases our inflation a lot more than you think. If I give you anything what was it worth….nothing, it was free. Money is no exception. Those that are stuck with a retirement with no COLA adjustment get screwed the most. Our effective earnings worth just keep going down more and more.

    • I think you are exactly right They want to keep raising taxes and the inflation will eventually make it so people on fixed incomes will not be able to afford our homes anymore We get hammered by local state and federal tax increases Here in California Gavin Newsom is trying to do this right now He is going to raise our gas tax again I got gas last week and it was 5.40 a gallon The situation here is really ridiculous We are asked to pay more and more and are not getting anything in return Our local gov had us raise the sales tax to repair the roads and that lie has worked quite a few times already Now they want some special fund for things that they feel that are important to the citizens Most of them do not pertain to most of us They never stop with their bullshit it is disgusting

      • Louis Galmarini says:

        The time to eliminate (by whatever means necessary), ANYONE/EVERYONE forcing taxes w/ NO CREDIBLE evidence as to where that money is going, has passed. History has taught us the ONLY way to get out of the grip of tyrannical oligarchs is to KILL them. There is no other solution.

      • TEN says:

        So many citizens have already moved away from the now $h!th0!e called California…. understandably so especially businesses. It’s not going to get any better with liberals like Newsom in charge. Really sad

      • RM says:

        You have a choice move out of CA or pay more taxes, I left that state in 2013 sold out and moved to Texas.

  • Cheryl says:

    All the comments are correct. This is just a ploy by the leftists to get their sheep to continue voting for them. The sheep actually think getting this money is free and a gift. It’s taxable and for sure not a gift. These morons are rushing to crash the economy, our dollar bill, do away with out constitutional and bill of rights, all in order to usher in a dictatorship. They really think they will be part of the commie elites from China….LOL, they lock up or kill people like these idiots.



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