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Stimulus Check November Update: People Eligible for Payments in 3 States

Three states are issuing additional stimulus checks this month, so residents need to watch their bank accounts and mailboxes for the check to drop.

The federal stimulus checks ended more than two years ago, but some states have continued to provide cash back to residents as tax rebates or inflation aid.

Alabama, Arizona and Virginia taxpayers are set to benefit from the new payments, but there are certain dates they need to be aware of.


In Alabama, taxpayers can see up to $300 coming their way this month.

Single-filers will receive $150 while couples filing jointly will get a $300 payment.

To meet the stimulus check criteria, you had to file a state income tax return for 2021 on or before October 17, 2022.

There were certain exceptions to the rebate, however.

Those who didn’t file a return or are considered a dependent for another taxpayer in 2021 are not eligible.

All checks are scheduled to go out beginning November 30, so there’s a little less than a month for Alabamans to see the money hit their accounts.

If you selected direct deposit on your tax form, your tax refunds will go straight to your account. Those who opted against direct deposit will get the money by check.

Alabama is spending a total of $393 million on the refunds, with the checks coming fully from a $2.8 billion surplus in the Education Trust Fund. The payments are intended to help residents offset grocery taxes paid throughout the year.

“Thanks to the work of the Alabama Legislature, we continue making these wise investments while paying down debts, adding to our savings and returning the working people of Alabama’s money back to them through tax rebates,” Governor Kay Ivey said in a statement.


Arizona is another state offering a version of an updated stimulus check through residents’ tax refunds if they have a dependent listed.

Taxpayers with dependents will earn their tax refunds by November 15, but the amount could vary depending on how many children or dependents you list.

For children under 17 years old, the amount is $250 per person, with a limit of $750 for three dependents. For dependents over the age of 18, the payment is lowered to $100 each.

For Arizona residents with children, the rebates aim to help with inflation, which has hovered at nearly 4 percent. The state estimates around 750,000 Arizona taxpayers qualify for the cash after filing their returns in 2021.

Governor Katie Hobbs approved the $17.8 billion budget, which ruled $260 million would go toward residents with dependents who filed state income taxes for 2019, 2020 or 2021.

If you filed your taxes on time, you can expect the check to automatically be sent to your address or placed in your bank account through direct deposit.


Virginia will also be sending out payments to residents this month as long as they had a tax liability in 2022. The checks are anticipated to be sent out by November 30.

A tax liability is money owed to the state after deducting tax credits. Under the rebate program, single-filers earn $200 while joint taxpayers score $400 together.

Payments are scheduled to go out over the next three weeks.

“We’re excited to announce that tax rebates will begin to be distributed in the coming days,” Governor Glenn Youngkin said in a statement. “As Virginians continue to face inflation and high prices as a direct result of policies out of Washington, D.C., these rebates are an important step going into the holiday season to help Virginians keep more of their hard-earned money for gas, groceries and essentials.”

Altogether, Youngkin’s administration saw Virginians earn more than $5 billion in tax relief, he added.

“We remain committed to lowering the cost of living for working families and veterans across Virginia. It’s their money, not the government’s,” Youngkin said.

If you already filed taxes, you do not have to do anything extra to get your payment.

  • TD says:

    They dropped it, Thats to bad

  • JB says:

    People are not going to get jobs if they can get free money. Don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.

  • Linda says:

    Why not other states who need it also. Why just those three states, why not states like Kentucky,
    Louisiana,Arkansas, etc. A lot of Americans are still struggling in America. Check further and you will find that to be true. Fair is fair.I am more fortunate and can make it on my own but it is
    Truly heartbreaking when we have Americans living on the streets and going Hungry when
    Biden keeps allowing illegals coming into the USA and he makes sure they have housing, food
    And whatever else our so called “PresiDUMB” is proving the illegals with..AMERICANS COME

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