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Steve Scalise Announces Bid for House Majority Leader

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) announced his intent to run for House majority leader as the Republican Party is poised to take control of the lower chamber for the next two years.

Scalise, who holds the No. 2 House GOP position as minority whip, touted his record of consensus-building within the GOP ranks and backed House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) for speaker of the House.

“Through your engagement on the various task forces, we were able to develop the bold, conservative agenda laid out in the Commitment to America,” Scalise declared in a letter to GOP colleagues, referring to Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s proposed agenda for the House should the GOP take control in 2023.

“With this bold, conservative agenda in mind, I am asking for your support to be the next House Majority Leader. The American people deserve a House of Representatives that can move the agenda that was promised to them on the campaign trail,” he added. “As your Majority Leader, I will work relentlessly to usher our vision through the House and show the country how conservative ideas can solve the problems that families are facing.”

The move comes amid Tuesday’s midterm election fallout in which Republicans appear on track to garner fewer seats than forecasters had expected.

Scalise has served in the House since 2008 and has held the position of House minority whip since 2019, when Republicans lost the lower chamber and former House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) departed his post.

In his pitch to his fellow House Republicans, Scalise underscored the importance of keeping Republicans unified against the Biden administration. He also reminded colleagues of his role in securing legislative wins such as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

During an interview with Fox News, he threw his weight behind McCarthy ascending to the speakership and made it clear he would not challenge him.

“I’m supporting Kevin McCarthy for speaker, and he will win that race. And, ultimately, you have seen us pull together these last few months and focus on the attack against big government socialism,” Scalise said.

“I know a lot of people like to focus on all of the drama in Washington. We’re going to get to work for the hardworking families who gave us this majority,” he said.

Scalise pledged to put the Biden administration’s feet to the fire by empowering committee leaders to engage in oversight against the executive branch. He also rattled off a familiar pitch to members, calling for more “regular order” in the legislative process, a suggestion many congressional leaders have made while vying for top internal posts.

“I want to empower committees and individual members to be able to fully participate in a Congress that works for the people who elected us. We have an extremely talented conference, and we will need all of our talents and abilities to get our country back on the right track,” he said.

  • SDofAZ says:

    So, Scalise has been in congress since 2008? Too many terms, he was there for all the mess including Bozo’s. He is just another mouth piece infecting the GOP. Sorry he got shot by a DNC lunatic when the tribe of dimwit nitwits incited them.

    How about Jordan for speaker and maybe another real conservative who can work the crowd honestly not behind closed doors and with those little privileges the spoiled house and senate members expect like Scalise have learned in his long tenure. Bet the dimwit nitwit tribe has a lot of dirt on him. The leader has to be someone that can work with Jordan or another great conservative.
    I just don’t believe Scalise is the best selection or McCarthy.

    And we need someone who is NOT a follower, leaders folks and I had to look up his records. That is how noteworthy Scalise is! We need someone who leads and his record does not show that at all. Look it up. Do we want someone who compromises with the lunatic dimwits for nearly two decades and the rinos? Sorry but we will only get this chance at this time to pick effective leaders no matter how much you like this guy. He is not a standout and we need to do the dame in the senate if it looks like McConnell will lead that chamber.

  • MarLovesTrump says:

    I hope Scalise becomes House Majority Leader. McCarthy is in the House, not the Senate. McCarthy is yet another RINO and traitor.. he CANNOT be House Leader.. he will continue supporting obiden’s CRIMINAL agenda.

    • GATOR says:

      MarLovesTrump, McCarthy wants to be Speaker of the House, not Majority Leader. Yes, McCarthy is a major RINO!

      I was hoping JJ would be Speaker of the House since the Gavel belongs to the third in line of the presidency.

  • Kevin McCarthy is a WPOS. I hope Scalise wins.



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