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Steve Bannon Predicts Trump Will Be Sentenced to ‘Multiple Years in Prison’ on July 11

In a speech at Turning Point Action’s “The People’s Convention” in Detroit, Steve Bannon predicted that the left will attempt to imprison Donald Trump for “multiple years” in order to influence the outcome of the upcoming presidential election.

“You know on the 11th of July, they’re gonna sentence him for multiple years in prison. You understand that, right?”

“They don’t care about this election; they don’t care how many votes we get. They’re gonna fight us every step of the way,” Bannon added.

“Winning in November is just the first step. From November fifth to the sixth, Jamie Raskin is going to try to steal the election on January 6th.”

“They’re already talking about it right now They’re already going to say, ‘President Trump’s an insurrectionist and we will never certify an election of an insurrectionist,” the former Trump adviser said.

Bannon also vowed for vengeance against the left-wing individuals who are weaponizing the Department of Justice against Trump.

“We’re going to get every single receipt. And to the fullest extension of the law, you’re going to be investigated, prosecuted, and incarcerated,” Bannon said, directing his comments at government officials he believes have weaponized the judicial system against the former president.

“This has nothing to do with retribution. It has nothing to do with revenge… this has to do with justice,” Bannon explained, resulting in loud applause from the crowd.

Bannon’s comments were made during the event organized by Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point Action, which featured many prominent conservative voices and is being held in Detroit just one month before the Republican National Convention, which is set to take place in Wisconsin.


  • manny says:

    The democrats are going to try a coup de etant. They are going to seize control of the government and Biden will be told to declare Marshal Law so he can retain the White House. Remember they have been saying that Trump will destroy our democracy, well I know and it is a fact that Biden already went against our democracy and made himself supreme ruler. Everything they have accused Trump of, and said he will do, they already are doing it. America is about to fall in 5 months.

  • Hey Steve thanks for your advise however it is not good information You are looking at a different way than most of us We know it was all a fucking lie The fear they have for Trump is driving them crazy You have everyone from Pelosi Hillary AOC she say that if Trump wins he is going to put her in jail I just wonder if her story has been plagiarized from the Big Band Wolf or The Big Guy They will have to cheat big this time and I don’t give a fuck who they put out there I think it will be fuck face Gavin Newsom He made some bullshit speech He even had Biden Glasses Maybe he thinks we won’t notice Newsom the rest of the world doesn’t want anything to do with California Newsom has so far in debt I live in the state So anything Newsom says is total bullshit If he doesn’t get his way He shows his little bitch way So everyone knows the only reason he got to be our governor is because of auntie Nancy used he influence I am here to tell you there are so many people that are going all our because this is our last chance to be a free country as we know it The CDC just announced that there is going to be a pandemic from bird flu Imagine that here around election time We are not going to give up this time because we have to live this fucking horse shit the fucking idiot Biden has caused and he or any of the morons that work for his treasonous ass have no idea how to do anything I mean all he has is fucking rejects They are the only ones in his party that would work for him They are consistent They are all fucking lying cheating stealing low life cocksuckers But there will be no bullshit like last time There are people that are going to be out and if antifa comes around So this no longer a nice guy approach

    • One says:

      Re: ‘Scamdemic’:

      Fool me once, shame on you.

      (Attempt to) fool me twice – WE WILL FIND YOU AND WE WILL KILL YOU – ALL OF YOU.

      This isn’t a theat – It’s a promise. Go ahead. MAKE OUR DAY, ASSHOLES!

  • Connie Strock says:

    Greater is he (Jesus) that is in president Trump then he that is in the world.

  • Jack Frost says:

    Some conservative attorney groups need to contact families that have lost loved ones to murders by illegal aliens. They should bring charges against the Democratic Party for aiding and abetting homicide. American citizens are not safe in their own country any more due to the policies of the Democrat Party. They need to be held accountable.

  • Me says:

    DonnieDOTARD legitimized this KANGAROO court KOWTOWING to this SHAM judge and this SHAM trial EVERY. SINGLE. STEP. of the way

    So then ACCEPT the sentence you LEGITIMIZED and ROT IN JAIL… you EFFING PIG!

    Hopefully then can the RNC in Milwaulkee can rectify this lil MALFUNCTION of the Party and NOMINATE a REAL FUNCTIONING candidate for once.

    Why am I the only one who can see that emperor DOTARD has no clothes! Let me repeat: The DOTARD HAS NO CLUES!



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