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Steve Bannon Issues Chilling Prediction as He’s Sent Jail

Former Trump strategist Steve Bannon promised that his MAGA media empire would keep broadcasting even as he prepared to report to prison for a four-month sentence on Monday.

He sent a message to on Friday, soon after the Supreme Court rejected his attempt to delay his sentence for defying a subpoena in the January 6 congressional investigation.

‘I’m a political prisoner. And I won’t be the last until we rid ourselves of the Biden regime’s lawfare,’ he said.

‘The rancid nature of this regime was on display for the world to see in all its glory last night.

‘Try as they might they cannot shut down WarRoom. We will be victorious in November.’

Bannon filed an emergency appeal last week after he was ordered to report to prison on July 1.

He was convicted two years ago of two counts of contempt of Congress: one for refusing to give a deposition to the Jan. 6 House Committee and a second for refusing to hand over documents related to attempts to overturn the 2020 election loss to Joe Biden.

He argued that he was protected by executive privilege and was allowed to remain free while he appealed.

But he ran out of options Friday when the Supreme Court rejected his final appeal to stay free as he worked his legal options.

‘The application for release pending appeal presented to the chief justice and by him referred to the court is denied,’ it said in a one-line order.

Bannon is the second of Trump’s senior White House officials to face prison for refusing a congressional subpoena.

Trade adviser Peter Navarro is serving his sentence in Florida.

Both argued that they standing up to Congress to defend the Constitution’s separation of powers, but both found their arguments rejected by judges who said there was no evidence that Trump had formally asserted executive privilege.

Bannon also said he had not ‘wilfully’ violated the contempt law because he was following his attorney’s advice.

‘Mr. Bannon relied in good faith on his attorney’s advice not to respond to a subpoena issued by a House Select Committee until executive privilege issues were resolved—as they had been on three prior occasions when Mr. Bannon had agreed to testify after President Trump’s counsel had asserted executive privilege,’ his lawyers wrote.

Bannon continues to be a prominent voice among Trump advisers, and maintains his reach to the conservative movement through his daily WarRoom podcast.

He is due to serve his time at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut.

He is still expected to appeal his conviction and House Republicans have signaled that they will support him by arguing that the Jan. 6. was improperly set up.

  • LetsGoBrandon says:

    Only Republicans go to jail for contempt. The two tier justice system needs to be destroyed.

  • One says:

    As predicted: By election day, Trump and MANY closest to him will be in jail. It will set an example for the rest of us who decide to step out of line, or not be in lockstep w/ the current new-Marxist, ILLEGITIMATE, (shadow government) of an ‘Administration’. As they work their way down the ladder, (to us), the unannounced, pre-dawn goon squad raids will continue, unabated.

    Welcome to Germany 1935…

  • One says:

    To LB: That’s it. Shut up and take your non-deserved punishment. If you can’t recognize what’s happening, you’re (obviously) too apathetically ignorant to care. So. we won’t waste our energy trying to educate you. We’ll just make sure someone gets a picture of your face w/ they arrest you on some bogus charge.

  • Alex says:

    If you are a demoncrat contempt of congrees is okay, a whole line of them back to Holder would be jailed.



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