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Spring Break Chaos: Florida Teen Pulls Out Gun Right Next to Cops

A teenager pulled a gun during a fight on a packed Florida beach earlier this week, before running through a crowd with the weapon and fleeing into the ocean.

Felixander Solis-Guzman, 16, was arrested by officers from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office following the incident on New Smyrna Beach on Thursday.

In shocking footage, Solis-Guzman can be seen brawling with four individuals on the packed beach before he pulls out a firearm.

Deputies with the office had been on the beach at the time of the incident, and gave chase as Solis-Guzman caused revelers to scatter, with one shouting: ‘He has a gun!’

The officer recording the incident can be seen running after the teen with his gun raised, shouting at the teenager: ‘Alright motherf***er, drop the f***ing gun.’

Solis-Guzman continues to flee the scene with officers hot on his tail, and starts running towards the ocean.

Five officers can be seen with their guns drawn aimed at Solis-Guzman as he stands on the edge of the beach in the water.

Solis-Guzman starts to comply with officers after several minutes and drops the weapon and a bag into the water before surrendering.

As officers bring him in, large crowds of spring breakers can be seen watching the events unfold.

Deputies recovered the firearm and the bag from the water, which held 20 small plastic baggies of marijuana.


The teen was charged with three counts of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, possession of a firearm by a person under 18, improper exhibition of a firearm, commission of a 2nd degree felony with a weapon, resisting a law enforcement officer, 2 counts of tampering with evidence, and sale of marijuana.

In addition to his charges, he was also arrested on 7 active no-bond warrants out of Orange County, including robbery with a firearm and violation of his probation.

He was taken to the Volusia Family Resource Center for processing before transport to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

On Friday, the Florida State Attorney’s office said they had filed adult charges against Solis-Guzman and he is to be transferred to the Volusia County Jail.

State Attorney R.J. Larizza said: ‘This 16-year-old brought drugs and a gun to Volusia County during spring break.

‘He will now face adult charges and serious consequences for his reckless actions. We welcome spring breakers, so long as they behave themselves.’

Sheriff of Volusia County Mike Chitwood added: ‘We aren’t playing around in Volusia County.

‘Don’t let your child be the next to come here as a juvenile and end up an adult facing serious criminal.’

Groups of bikini-clad girls and jeering guys have flocked to the beaches of Florida as spring break got under way.

Some girls, leaving little to the imagination, posed for photos in the ocean – presumably to make their pals stuck at home jealous of their tropical vacation.

Elsewhere, swathes of half-dressed youngsters danced at daytime parties on the beach, in the back of pickup trucks, and on boats rented out for the day.

As night descended on the beach area, party goers continued drinking well into the night with groups pictured posing outside of bars and clubs.

Spring Break last year saw 488 arrests in Miami Beach, more than 230 of which were felony offenses, and more than 100 firearms were seized.

Due to this, officials in Miami announced plans earlier this year to bring about tougher restrictions.

City Commissioner Alex Fernandez, who pushed for Miami to announce this year’s spring break measures, sent an email to constituents celebrating the calm start to spring break this past weekend.

In it, Fernandez wrote: ‘No shooting. No stampedes. No fatalities. What a difference.’ The city’s goal for weeks was to break up with Spring Break, which the New York Post said was a ‘bust’.

In a social media post of the headline used by the outlet was shared on social media, former Miami Mayor Philip Levine posted the headline with hand-clapping emojis.

A ramped-up police presence was noticeable along the beach in Miami with officers on bicycles, buggies and SUVs seen patrolling the area. Others were seen leading K-9s between sun bathers on the crowded sands.

In contrast, there was barely a patch of open sand to be had on some stretches of Fort Lauderdale Beach, often dubbed as ‘Spring Break Central.’

Police and the mayor’s chief of staff in Fort Lauderdale said it had been a successful week with limited crime, as they look ahead to a tougher challenge – with continued celebrations coinciding with St. Patrick’s Day.

Casey Liening, spokesperson for local police, told Fox News: ‘Our spring break crowds have been as expected so far this year, with this week being the busiest week we are anticipating. We have not had any major issues or disturbances.’

Prior to the spring break, Mayor Dean Trantalis said there were designated areas where alcohol was permitted, as well as safety measures including daterape drug tests, rideshare options and Narcan.

During a press conference at the beginning of March, Trantalis said: ‘We want to make your spring break experience the best experience you’ve ever had.

‘Why? Because we want you to come back. We want you to come back next year. We want you to come back in future years, and, hey, maybe you want to make Fort Lauderdale your home.’

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