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Sports Illustrated Puts Man Pretending to Be a Woman Wearing a Two-Piece on Magazine Cover

For nearly 60 years, Sports Illustrated has published its annual swimsuit edition to celebrate female beauty, though the feature has gone “woke” in recent years.

Continuing that left-wing campaign to alter culture, the magazine announced Monday that one of this year’s four cover models is a transgender singer.

In another act of erasing women, the leftists at Sports Illustrated are featuring Kim Petras — a man with fake breasts — on the cover of the 2023 swimsuit edition.

Introducing him, the magazine said, “Petras has been blazing a trail ever since releasing her first single, ‘I Don’t Want It at All,’ six years ago. In February, the 30-year-old German pop star was the first transgender woman to win a Grammy Award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, for her collaboration with Sam Smith on the track ‘Unholy.’”

The satanic performance of that song at the Grammys in February was widely condemned as evil and disgusting.

“While she’s proud that the trans community is inspired by her work, she uses her platform to encourage others to reach for the stars, regardless of gender or sexuality,” Sports Illustrated continued.

SI Swimsuit editor in chief MJ Day celebrated the trans model, saying, “The Grammy-winning pop star, a beacon of inspiration for the LGBTQ+ community, has blazed her own path to superstardom, but it has been anything but a straight line.”

The swimsuit edition, which debuted in 1964 and since 2019 has been published in May, was meant for much of that time to celebrate the ideal of feminine beauty. The magazine has featured supermodels such as Cheryl Tiegs, Christie Brinkley, Elle Macpherson and Tyra Banks.

But over the last few years, Sports Illustrated has gone against that former goal and instead has featured obese women, senior citizens and men claiming to be women.

This year, for instance, 81-year-old TV personality and entrepreneur Martha Stewart is also one of the four cover models. She now stands as the oldest cover model ever for the edition.

No matter how nice-looking she is for her age, Stewart is not the ideal of beauty.

She is not the first older model the magazine has used as a cover model. Last year, SI featured Elon Musk’s 74-year-old mother, Maye Musk.

Last year, Sports Illustrated featured morbidly obese model Yumi Nu as a cover girl:

That, however, is the least of the wokeness going on with the swimsuit edition.

In fact, this year’s transgender model is not the magazine’s first. That dubious honor goes to Leyna Bloom, who appeared as one of the three models featured in the 2021 issue.

The magazine’s choice of Petras as a cover model this year also celebrates a very dark idea.

The German singer and songwriter, formerly named Tim, underwent trans surgery when he was only 16 years old, according to the U.K.’s Daily Mail.

By celebrating him, Sports Illustrated is endorsing and attempting to normalize the surgical mutilation of minors in thrall to the radical, dangerous transgender agenda.

And there is nothing beautiful about that at all.

  • MBeached says:

    Sports Illustrated is a washed up “has been” publication and should have died a long time ago. Rest in Peace SI.

  • Gil says:

    So we are applauding this type of thing? These people need hep and need to love who they are as God intended them to be. Our nation, and around the world, reacted to The Covid 19 virus as a deadly epidemic….something that is still being debated…..but if homosexuality is not a choice, then we have to recognize this as an epidemic of the mentally ill and start treating it as such. Wake up people!

  • william g munson says:

    Quit Buying their mags and their Products that sponcer them and the same thing to T V programs and that will stop Them Cold

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