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Special Master Holds First Meeting with DOJ, Trump Attorneys

Attorneys for former President Trump and the Justice Department are scheduled to meet Tuesday in New York with the court-appointed special master who is reviewing the documents seized by the FBI during the bureau’s raid of Mar-a-Lago last month.

U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon appointed retired New York Judge Raymond Dearie, a Reagan appointee, on Thursday to serve as special master in the high-profile case.

The following day, Dearie scheduled a meeting with Trump and Justice Department attorneys for Tuesday and encouraged the two parties to suggest items to discuss, according to a court filing reviewed by The Hill.

Dearie, who has a document review deadline of Nov. 30, was the only special master candidate upon which the Justice Department and Trump’s legal team agreed.

Meanwhile, the Justice Department is still battling to access the allegedly classified documents agents seized from the former president’s Florida home.

  • Lolos says:

    battling to access the allegedly classified documents agents seized from the former president’s Florida home.
    Why battling ??

  • Rich says:

    The Department of Unjustice and their Henchmen are in shock and awe, they never expected a Special Master would be appointed to review the fruits of the crime they perpetrated starting with the Russian Hoax. Now Durham has exposed that was paid for and orchestrated by the FBI & the Clintons. The warrant to recover President Trumps files that corroborated this is now being exposed. Remember the Magistrate who signed the warrant was Jeffrey Epstein’s Florida lawyer who got him that sweet heart deal for raping kids.

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