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Speaker Johnson Announces Plan to Prevent a Government Shutdown

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) unveiled his plan to avoid a government shutdown on Saturday, revealing that he has chosen to try and pass a “two-part” continuing resolution where some appropriations bills will be extended to mid-January and the rest into February.

The new approach, which Johnson unveiled on a GOP member call on Saturday, would extend the Agriculture, Military Construction and Veterans Affairs, Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and the Energy and Water appropriations bills until Jan. 19 and the remaining bills until Feb. 2.

The idea behind this approach is that it would create a sense of urgency to pass individual appropriations bills during the time frame and avoid an omnibus or another continuing resolution.

So, if it were to pass, Congress would focus on passing the first four appropriations bills before Jan. 19, and then after that, it would focus on getting the remaining bills passed before the February deadline.

On the call, Johnson said they want to consider the bill on Tuesday.

There is some skepticism about whether this could pass as the Senate is not a fan of the idea, and even some House Republicans have expressed opposition to the idea.

  • andrew says:

    need to start fresh with budgets. If a balanced budget is not passed 30 days before the year, then the previous budget automatically kicks in with a 10% cut across the board, including salaries. No back pay for federal workers that missed a paycheck, and congress loses their paycheck for the year. And no using 10 year projections to balance out a budget. It really is the number one job duty of congress. Also congress pay should only be the average income with per diems paid for actually being in DC, along with a hotel/apartment setup that can house every congress person that doesn’t want to pay for their own house. Institute these and watch how quickly and efficiently they pass a balanced budget and quit wasting our money.

  • Rudog says:

    yeh….Johnson….fergit that tap dancin’ shit….haul those lazee fuckers in and MAKE them do the right things…you handle that???

  • JUST RITA* says:

    Sure there’s opposition, why would the Dems & RINO’S want to pass anything that remotely makes sense.

  • Patrick J Borush says:

    if it includes ANY cash going out our nation for ANY reason then its a big NO, no more cash for ANY nation not America and esp for bs deep state wars

  • Rick says:

    The Democrats ministry of propaganda aka the msm, is working overtime digging up anything they can, to portray Mike Johnson as being an out of control Christian zealot. Goes to show the complete hatred of people of faith the media has. Just look how openly their attacking the Jewish population.

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