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Spain’s Under-15 Football Star Estrella Martin Dies Suddenly

The sudden death of a cadet player for Sporting Club de Huelva has shocked the Spanish football community.

Estrella Martin, 14, died suddenly in her hometown of Ayamonte, in southern Spain, on Wednesday, according to the club.

According to the report from local media, Estrella had a routine Tuesday training session before being found unresponsive in her home by her parents on Wednesday.

“The Sporting Club de Huelva deeply regrets to announce the death this morning of our player Estrella Martín Rasco in her native Ayamonte,” the club said in a statement.

“Belonging to our lower echelons, the soccer player, in the cadet category, and a regular in the calls for the provincial women’s under-15 team, has left us today in her hometown of Ayamonte, leaving a deep sorrow for her family, friends and all the club.”

“Once this sad news was known, the club has suspended this week’s training sessions for the youth academy and the one that the first team was supposed to complete today. The matches of the lower ranks this week have also been postponed and the postponement of tomorrow’s League F game in Seville has also been requested,” the club continued.

“There are no words to comfort family and friends. All my support and strength for them. Fly high, Estrella. You will be the star that brings us always lead. RIP, little one,” said Manuela Romero, president of Sporting Huelva.

The entire Spanish football community, including the powerhouse Real Madrid, offered messages of condolence.

“Real Madrid, its president and its Board of Directors deeply regret the death of Estrella Martín, a cadet player of Sporting Club Huelva, and would like to express their condolences and affection to her family, her teammates, her club and her loved ones. Rest in peace,” the club wrote on its social media.

“From #SevillaFCFem we show our deepest condolences for the death of the player Estrella Martín, sending condolences both to the player’s family and to the club, @sportinghuelva. May she rest in Peace,” wrote Sevilla FC Femenino.

More from Euroweekly:

The news of the young player’s sudden death comes after another young footballer died after a sudden collapse during a game in Spain’s Malaga last month.

Thirteen-year-old Marvelous Onanefe Johnson collapsed five minutes before the end of the clash between CD Puerto Malagueño Ciudad Jardín and UD Prados in the Third Andalucian Children’s League on Sunday, December 11.

The club said at the time: “After a few moments of uncertainty for all those attending the match and club staff and after the resuscitation attempt by the local police and 061, our player could not be resuscitated.”

The death of Estrella Martín comes after three young female footballers lost their lives suddenly last year.

Stanford University’s promising young female footballer Katie Meyer died at the age of 22 due to an apparent suicide on Monday, February 28, 2022.

Then in April 2022, young goalkeeper Dominyka Podziute, a former player for both Newcastle United Women and Hartlepool United Women, died suddenly aged 21.

A few months later, Marvel Simiyu, a young footballer playing in Kenya’s Women’s Premier League, died suddenly on Tuesday, June 14.

  • BarbNak says:

    The numbers keep mounting, young, fit souls taken by this poison shot. I’m astounded the the MSM haven’t said one word; under normal circumstances what a story this would be. Imagine if they dug into the numbers of people not reported to media. Imagine if they put their job to actually report the news instead of doing the bidding of the government tools and Big Pharma.

  • Grandpa (Abuelo) says:

    Debe haber sido la vacuna.

  • STACY says:

    When will all these families with dead kids get pissed at Fauci, Birx, Pfizer, Moderna, their corrupt governments? They murdered your kids! You sit there and do nothing! You deny what’s obvious. More and more will die and these are just the ones you hear about. How many are dying you don’t hear about? More than what is reported for sure! Alot more!

  • STACY says:

    If those in charge cared they would be telling all you vaxxed sheep what to do about the poison in you! Maybe a body scan for blood clots? Maybe some heart tests? Maybe some daily aspirin? What can people do besides wait to see if they die or their kids die?

  • Sue S says:

    If you’ve been vaxed, I read last night this is the best protocol to fight off the vax side affects:
    The best thinking available at this moment:
    NAC (an amino acid) for cellular repair.
    C60 for apoptosis to get rid of damaged cells & repair mitochondria.
    Ivermectin (12mg dose for regular adult, body weight is a factor for dose, see package)
    Glutathione to flush out grapheme oxide & SPIONS.
    vitamin D (crucial) minimum 10,000 IU daily (15,000 IU in winter) probably daily rest of life. – immune system support.
    vitamin C (intracellular ‘cement’ repair & other uses) minimum 3 gms daily liposomal.
    Chaga tea daily (couple of cups should suffice – 1/4 tsp chaga powder to 8 oz hot water – ok to drink the chaga powder in the mix).
    Balanced Zinc (15 zn to 1 cu) Amazon to locate by that label. Protects against covid & will degrade spike proteins & SPIONs.



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