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“Sound of Freedom” Director Teases Sequel

Sound of Freedom director Alejandro Monteverde has opened up about the possibility of the film getting a sequel. Based on the real-life work done by anti-human trafficking activist Tim Ballard, Sound of Freedom sees Jim Caviezel bringing Ballard’s work rescuing children in Columbia to light. Sound of Freedom has become a sleeper hit at the box office, grossing $172.8 million against a $14.5 million budget as of writing.

Speaking with Variety, Monteverde reveals the possibility of Sound of Freedom 2. He says a sequel to Sound of Freedom could adapt Ballard’s work against child trafficking in Haiti, which was a major part of his career. Check out what Monteverde had to say below:

There’s definitely a lot of interest to exploring [the subject] a little deeper, because this is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot of interest to kind of explore Haiti, what’s happening in Haiti. There’s [sequel] talks focusing on Haiti.

Haiti was a big part of Tim’s work. I was very tempted to do Haiti on this film. But I wanted to do an origin story, and it was too much material. I needed to end where I ended.

Could Sound Of Freedom 2 Really Happen?

Sound of Freedom’s box office success makes the possibility of a sequel very realistic. Since Sound of Freedom had a relatively small budget, a sequel in Haiti could probably be produced for a similar price tag. However, with Sound of Freedom proving itself a box office success, a follow-up could get a bigger budget.

In reality, though, Sound of Freedom’s success will likely produce a sequel if Monteverde and Caviezel want to return. Sound of Freedom’s streaming rights are expected to sell for 8 figures, adding to the massive success the film has found. Due to the monetary success and interest from audiences, a sequel to Sound of Freedom is a definite possibility.

  • FedUp says:

    I’ll be the first in line to see a continuation of Tim Ballards effort!!

  • EZ says:

    wtf you want to pay to watch that shit when we are living it. i don’t find entertainment in our sick society. allow hunting season for us to hunt this shit down in the streets, that’s entertainment!

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