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Soros-Funded Prosecutor Kim Gardner Resigns ‘Effective Immediately’

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner resigned from office Tuesday weeks earlier than her stated departure date, according to a news release from her office.

Gardner, whose campaign was backed by George Soros, announced her resignation May 4, stating her last day in office would be June 1.

On Tuesday, however, a letter from her office said her resignation would be “effective immediately.”

“Effective immediately, Kimberly M. Gardner will end her service as the City of St. Louis Circuit Attorney,” the statement reads. “Ms. Gardner has been committed to serving the people of the City of St. Louis and has done all she can to ensure a smooth transition.”

Gardner was criticized for her unwillingness to punish many violent criminals.

Per Fox News, leftist billionaire George Soros “bankrolled” both her 2016 campaign and her 2020 re-election bid.

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey filed a lawsuit in February to remove her from office after a teen volleyball player visiting from Tennessee was struck by a speeding car, causing her to lose both of her legs, The Associated Press reported.

The man who hit her, Daniel Riley, is a robbery suspect who had violated the terms of his bond 94 times since 2020 but remained out of jail, the report said.

“Instead of protecting victims, which is her obligation, she’s creating more victims by neglect in office,” Bailey said, according to the AP.

Republican Missouri Gov. Mike Parson said in a news conference Tuesday in St. Louis that he was expecting Gardner to expedite her resignation and said nothing has changed in his planning to appoint a new circuit attorney.

“So, with the resignation today, that changes the scenario somewhat,” Parson said. “We will advance that pick; hopefully, by this Friday, I will be able to pick that person.”

In a tweet Tuesday evening, Bailey said, “The Circuit Attorney has finally heeded my call to resign after undermining the rule of law for years. Today, we begin the process of restoring public safety to the City of St. Louis.”

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