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Something Has Been Killing Hundreds of Wyoming Pronghorn – Wildlife Officials Announce a Culprit May Have Been Found

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department believes it knows what is responsible for the mass deaths of pronghorn antelope, many of which have been found deceased without signs of injury.

Over the past several weeks, the bodies of these animals have been found across Wyoming.

The agency said a pathogen known as Mycoplasma bovis is causing the deaths, according to Fox Weather.

They distinguished this outbreak from Mycobacterium bovids, a different pathogen which can affect domestic cattle.

“While reported M. bovis outbreaks causing mortality in wildlife are rare, this is not the first occurrence of M. bovis being linked to pronghorn mortalities in Wyoming,” WGFD disease expert Hank Edwards said of the outbreak.

The agency suspects that the disease outbreak is the cause of death for roughly 200 pronghorn found dead without an identifiable cause since mid-February alone, according to the Billings Gazette.

Ground zero of the outbreak has taken hold south of the community of Pinedale, Wyoming.

The pathogen can cause conditions such as pneumonia and arthritis in the animals.

State wildlife officials have resorted to euthanizing dying pronghorn and removing carcasses from habitats in a bid to stop the halt of the disease, according to Fox Weather.

The pathogen is not known to infect either humans or domestic household pets, according to the agency.

It can infect related ungulates, such as bison, mule deer and white-tailed deer, according to the Billings Gazette.

One of the distinctive animals of North America, pronghorn have a range that extends across the western United States, according to the National Wildlife Federation.

They’re considered the fastest land animals on the continent, running at speeds of up to 60 miles an hour to escape predators.

They’re most commonly identified by the prong-like horns on their heads.

  • Rose says:

    Our own government has done this.

  • These kinds of pathogens have always existed in nature. It’s natures way of dealing with overpopulation of a species.

  • THOMAS says:

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    – Joe Biden, October 24, 2020

    • Biden is giddyand shiddy says:

      Yes and he said the words without having to gasp for breath. Just like Fauci stated in 2017′ The current administration would face a killer virus during their term. Their Term. He knew it was coming, and he knew Trump was gona serve 1 Term. These bastards have told us everything either out of Brave ignorance, Or slip of the tongue. Beleive It.!

  • What the hell has Fauci created now?!!!



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