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Shocking Video Shows Black Kids Attack, Force White Kids to Say ‘Black Lives Matter’ at Ohio School

Multiple Ohio elementary school kids are facing assault charges after disturbing video caught the group of black students attacking white students — and forcing them to say “Black lives matter,” according to cops.

Footage obtained by WKEF showed a tall student grabbing a much smaller one around the back of the head and marching him across the Springfield playground, with another joining to hold the struggling victim.

Others joined in when he was taken to an area near swings — with one charging in and knocking the helpless youngster to the ground, seemingly throwing a punch.

Minutes later, a group of five people marched to the same spot, this time with a child hoisted over the shoulder of the ringleader — who then tosses the pupil to the ground.

A third attack appears to show the group knocking down another student and dragging him or her along the ground.

The 17-minute clip does not have sound, but Springfield police said a group of pupils had forced white children to say “‘Black lives matter” and filmed them saying it.

The principal of Kenwood Elementary told cops that some of those who refused were “chased down and escorted, dragged or carried” to the area near the swings, as caught on the surveillance footage.

At least one of the victims was punched in the head, the police report said of the racially motivated attack.

Springfield police said they found out about the Kenwood Elementary attacks on Feb. 13, three days after they happened. The video was released Wednesday after a public records request by the local station, which called it a “crisis in the classroom.”

Springfield Police Chief Allison Elliott told a press conference last week — before the video’s release — that “multiple students were assaulted on the playground.”

“We are actively pursuing charges for the identified assaults,” Elliott said, without giving the ages of those involved.

Mom Krystal Harr said her 12-year-old sixth-grader was among those “forced on his knees Friday and [forced] to say BLM.”

“Watch your babies! This is getting unsafe!” the mom wrote on Facebook, saying her son was now “terrified” to go to school.

Dad Daniel Harr said his son “was actually one of the ones thrown to the ground.”

“Just because it’s reversed [racism,] it’s still not all right,” the dad told WKEF.

Springfield City Schools said it does “not approve of and will not tolerate the reported behavior,” and would discipline students.

Local NAACP president Denise Williams said she’d been told the students had been suspended, without detailing how many or their ages.

“I don’t care what color they are,” Williams told WKEF. “They need to be held accountable.”

However, she maintained that the kids should not be charged, claiming the apparent racially charged attacks were being blown out of proportion.

“This is a teachable moment. We need to really educate the school, and the parents,” Williams said.

  • Marta says:

    Williams doesn’t want the children prosecuted……That is fine…….sue the parents! They are responsible for their children and the thought and acts that they hurt other the children. Those kid didn’t come up with the BLM stunt, they get it listening to their parents or parent! The parent should answer for the crimes of the child!

  • gypsy says:

    still no justice , our children under attack many have died, our votes do not count just fake ballots that democrats and rinos add to steal elections. give me liberty or give me death

  • ernesyfifty says:

    if it was the white kid doing the bullying even the parents would be in trouble and facing law sues , but the black kids some revered and blm will come and protest saying false charges



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