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Shane Gillis Holds Nothing Back During ‘SNL’ Return 5 Years After Being Fired

Edgy “anti-woke” stand-up comedian Shane Gillis held nothing back when he hosted this week’s “Saturday Night Live”, opening his monologue with a jokes about his firing from the show, his parents, a relative with Down syndrome, and much more.

“I’m here,” Gillis began his monologue, which “SNL” posted on the social media platform X. “Most of you probably have no idea who I am. I was fired from this show a while ago, but — you know — don’t look that up, please. If you don’t know who I am, please don’t Google that. It’s fine. Don’t even worry about it,” he said to a chucking audience.

Gillis, who was hired by “SNL” producer Lorne Michaels in 2019 was famously fired just five days after he was hired for a racial slur he used in an Asian joke he had made the year prior.

Shortly after Gillis’s new gig with “SNL” was announced, Entertainment Weekly reported that comedy journalist Seth Simons brought attention to a controversial clip from a September 2018 episode of “Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast,” co-hosted by Gillis and fellow comedian Matt McCusker.

The episode, which has since been removed from YouTube, featured Gillis used homophobic slurs and making derogatory remarks about New York City’s Chinatown and its residents, including the use of Asian slurs and an attempted Asian accent, which he referred to tongue-in-cheek as “nice racism.”

However, five years after his infamous firing, Gillis did not shy away from making jokes on subjects that have increasingly become taboo, even in the once-free-speech-embracing comedy orbit.

Gillis said he couldn’t tell if the audience could tell by looking at him but, “I do have family with Down syndrome. It almost got me. I dodged it, but it nicked me.”

This is also a line from his comedy special, “Shane Gillis: Beautiful Dogs” which was released on Netflix on Sept. 5.

“Look, I don’t have any material that can be on TV,” Gillis joked, referring to his non-PC and anti-woke genre of comedy.

He added, “I’m trying my best. Also, I can see this place is extremely well-lit. I can see everyone not enjoying it.”

On social media, there were some lukewarm reviews, but the reaction was overall positive.

In the monologue, Gillis went on to joke about how his sister adopted three black children and married an Egyptian man, and that visiting their house was “like getting in the craziest Uber pool you’ve ever been in.”

Gillis then said, “My niece has Down syndrome.”

He added, “it’s a funny thing that happens when somebody in your family has Down syndrome. When my sister was pregnant, everybody was very, very scared. And then, once they come into your life, what you realize is that’s easily the only good member of your entire family.”

Gillis explained how every day his relatives post pictures of his niece in a group chat the members are in together.

“And everyday day somebody else in my family comments, ‘she looks exactly like uncle Shane,’” he said prompting laughter from the audience. “And there’s no denying it. She does. She looks like me with bangs. Just happy.”

  • Freedomfortx says:

    I watched SNL in the 70’s and it was clever, edgy. That was when comedy could be comedy. I can’t believe this is still watched. Not worth air time. The population always offended about everything and anything have ruined television and society in general.

  • Pinks says:

    Sorry but it’s to late for that crap show to try and gain viewers by having “actual funny people” on again. Haven’t watched in years, won’t watch again. SNL and all the late night shows suck, NBC, CBS, ABC, are crap companies run by liberal elites. Unless a sporting event or a major storm warning is being broadcast on one of these stations, I never turn them on.

  • Urpoolboy59 says:

    TV & movie free over 2 years now. Litterally haven’t even turned it on. No alphabet networks at all. Sports too. Gave up on NHL, NBA, MLB even longer. Was a huge NFL fan.
    Watched any game. Roger Goodall and his cronies have ruined it with the Woke bs.
    No games or Super Bowl for 2 years now.
    Between the BLM crap, the reviews, instant replay with some scoring drives automatically reviewed. Penalties and picking up flags is a third of the game now!
    Next year expect even more woke & social justice messaging. Wasn’t hard to find other stuff to do. Built new camp, new garage, more with the grandson, more sleep. Lost some weight not shoving junk food in my face during games. Plenty of other things.
    Don’t miss any of it. SNL died 20+ years ago
    My advice…..Kill your TV!



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