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Shadowy Figure Behind Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Trump Revealed

Donald Trump continues to face an ongoing lawsuit alleging sexual assault. A woman named E. Jean Carroll is suing the former president, claiming that he attacked her during the 1990s.

You make remember Carroll from some of her eccentric media appearances during the latter years of the Trump administration. For example, at one point, she stated that should have asked for his tax returns after he allegedly raped her in the dressing room of a department store. She also refused to allow DNA testing on the dress she claims to have been wearing. Further, she called rape “sexy” in an interview on CNN.

Whatever one wants to make of her story, it’s certainly been presented in a very odd way, at best. Perhaps there’s a reason for that?

According to Yahoo News, Carroll isn’t going after Trump alone. Instead, she’s being funded by a billionaire Democrat megadonor named Reid Hoffman. Hoffman is the founder of the influential social media network LinkedIn.

Reid Hoffman, the billionaire behind LinkedIn who’s now a megadonor to Democrats, has been quietly bankrolling E. Jean Carroll’s rape case against former President Donald Trump, according to court records filed Thursday.

The surprising last-minute disclosures came out in contentious correspondence between lawyers for the aggrieved journalist and the pissed off former president, who are battling over whether to delay the trial scheduled to start in two weeks.

While it’s unclear if that payment arrangement has any material impact on the case itself, the fact that it remained secret until now will surely support Trump’s unrelenting, conspiratorial complaints that ultra rich liberals have been pulling the strings on the efforts to take him down.

One can’t help but notice the absurdity of Reuters (the wire service Yahoo News is publishing) calling Trump’s claims conspiratorial while their own article confirms his claims. There are ultra-rich liberals pulling strings in an effort to take him down. How is that even a question at this point? And why else would Hoffman be dumping cash into a lawsuit accusing him of sexual assault if that wasn’t the goal?

Hoffman has a checkered history regarding politics. In 2018, it was discovered that he was funding a bot farm that pushed disinformation about an Alabama senate candidate. He also had a close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. The fact that he’s involved in the Carroll case is a red flag. Hoffman doesn’t get involved in anything that isn’t highly political, and this is likely no different.

Another issue here is that Carroll apparently lied in a deposition. She had previously claimed under oath that she was receiving no outside funding (Fortune).

At the deposition, Carroll said she had a contingency-fee arrangement for paying her lawyers and answered “no” when asked if she was receiving outside funding for the litigation, which began in November 2019. Carroll’s attorney, Roberta Kaplan, said in her letter to Habba that her client remembered just recently that she had been told at some point about outside funding by a nonprofit.

Habba said she didn’t buy that. She called the funding a sign of bias that raises questions about Carroll’s motives in bringing the suit.

“The proposition that plaintiff has suddenly ‘recollected’ the source of her funding for this high-profile litigation — which has spanned four years, spawned two separate actions, and been before numerous state, federal, and appellate courts — is not only preposterous, it is demonstrably false,” Habba said.

This case continues to see twists and turns, and there’s a lot of reason to be suspicious, especially given these latest revelations, that this isn’t a sincere lawsuit. Whether those concerns will move the judge and ultimately the jury handling the case is another matter.

  • John says:

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  • Maryhelen says:


  • Maryhelen says:

    NEWSBoycotting Bud Light? Here Are All The Brands Owned By Beer’s Parent Company

    ByTruth PressPublished14 hours ago





    Anheuser-Busch, a formerly great and formerly American-owned company that recently poured its credibility with normal people down the drain, is a lot bigger than most people might realize.

    Bud Light, the international company’s flagship low-calorie brand, was this country’s best-selling beer last year. But Anheuser-Busch (AB InBev) owns a lot of brands in a lot of stores.

    Bud Light partnered up with transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney — and the rest is history. Sales are reportedly slumping as its parent company has shed billions in market value in recent weeks.

    People whose hearts and minds have not been corrupted by the left’s war on gender are rightly boycotting the company, and The Western Journal is here to help.

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    The idea of a boycott is generally synonymous with the American left and not so much with conservatives who hold traditional views on life, love, marriage and biology.

    We are people with tendencies to keep to ourselves.

    But “live and let live” has its limits.

    If you support a neighbor who plays with fire for long enough he just might set your house on fire.

    In the case of Anheuser-Busch v. Normal America, the company used profits it made from its former friends and neighbors to further the goals of those who seek to threaten their way of life.

    Bud Light’s marketing VP announced last month the company wanted to distance itself from its past clientele. Bud Light has, of course, traditionally been purchased by blue-collar people, younger drinkers and people generally associated with middle America.

    The company chose a side in the culture war — and it picked the side that does not generally associate itself with affordable domestic beer.

    Bud Light picked the side that is currently attempting to convince young people — including children — that it is completely rational behavior to castrate themselves and otherwise mutilate their bodies.

    No one represents that cause better than Mulvaney, who Bud Light helped celebrate by putting his face on a can of its beer.

    The now-European-owned beer giant could have stayed quiet and sold its products. But leadership couldn’t leave well enough alone.

    People across the country are reporting seeing beer aisles in their local stores full of Bud Light that suddenly no one wants to buy.

    Bud Light decided to prioritize Wokeness over their customers, now they’re hurting the people who are selling their beer

    Merchandiser who sells their products to stores: “I’ve never seen such little sales as in the past few days… I can’t feed my family”

    — Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) April 11, 2023

    Conservatives, in this instance, have chosen a tactic that works quite well for the left.

    While some on the left have accurately pointed out other beer companies that have celebrated LGBT “pride” month in years past, Anheuser-Busch crossed a line by partnering with Mulvaney to validate his perverse claims of “womanhood.”

    A boycott is underway, and it is important to make people who have chosen to participate aware of Anheuser-Busch’s vast catalog of drinks, so they are armed with the facts the next time they attempt to balance having a cold one while also not supporting mastectomies for children.

    Below is a comprehensive list of every brand owned by Anheuser-Busch — and from a former employee of the company.

    Obviously, Anheuser-Busch peddles Budweiser, Bud Light, and other Bud brands, as well as the Busch brands of beers.

    But here are some brands you might not have known are owned by the company:

    The Michelob brands; Natural Light and Natty Daddy; Cass; Castle; Corona; Harbin; Estrella Jalisco; Aguila; Beck’s; Stella Artois; Jupiler; Kona; Leffe; Landshark Lager; Modelo; Presidente; Hoegaarden; Labatt; Hurricane; Rolling Rock; Skol; Johnny Appleseed; Shock Top; and Quilmes.

    Other brands that partner with Anheuser-Busch include:

    10 Barrel Brewing; Appalachian Mountain; Blue Point; Breckenridge Brewery; Cisco Brewers; Devils Backbone; Elysian; Four Peaks; Golden Road; Goose Island; Karbach Brewing; Omission Balanced Brewing; Platform Beer Company; Red Hook; Square Mile Cider Company; Veza Sur Brewing; Nirture Cider; Wicked Weed Brewing; Widmer Brothers Brewing; Wynwood Brewing; Hi Ball Energy; Babe; Nutrl; Cutwater Spirits; and Ritas.

    As Americans prepare for another weekend of winding down and relaxing, many will head to grocery stores and gas stations to pick their drinks of choice.

    Many of them are suddenly beer refugees and face the choice of either expanding their palates or supporting hedonism.

    If you choose not to consume any alcohol whatsoever, then more power to you. Alcohol in general has wreaked havoc on people’s lives for centuries.

    But if you do decide to enjoy a cold beer, and you also have an interest in subverting the gender-obsessed left’s mission to corrupt the minds of young people, choose your brand wisely.

    And as always, please drink responsibly.

    • K. says:

      What about TIKTOK?? It promoted itself on TIKTOK as do many other transgenders and this one happened to get noticed by these companies!!!! You could say TIKTOK helped promote her and yet no one wants to talk about the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM!!! Just the mere mention of TIKTOK the CONSERVATIVES all of a sudden become LIBERALS!!! You’ve listed all the companies and even if they all go out of business this will not stop until the media companies stop promoting this crap at the behest of the DEMOCRAP PARTY!!! I do not want the GOVERNMENT to intervene on social matters because they somehow will use it against AMERICAN CITIZENS!!! So it’s up to we the people to stop using these platforms!!!!



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