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Sen. Kennedy Goes Off on Mayorkas for Border Crisis During Committee Hearing

Though Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) is second to no one when it comes to pouring on the class and Southern charm, he’s also not one to mince words when it comes to serious issues like Joe Biden’s unqualified judicial nominees, some of whom seem to be sympathetic towards terroristic causes that are directly detrimental to the existence of the United States and her allies.

Kennedy is also no stranger to doing something we call “killing them with kindness” here in the South, which is exactly what happened to one unfortunate woke climate change activist whose supposed “expertise” on climate matters was obliterated by Kennedy as only he can during a recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

On the issue of impeached Dept. of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Kennedy has also played no games, as evidenced during a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing Wednesday on Biden’s 2025 budget request for the DHS, where Mayorkas was set to testify.

After taking several minutes to explain in detail why most Republicans in Congress and a majority of the American people don’t trust Mayorkas, Kennedy and Mayorkas got into a somewhat heated exchange over Kennedy’s question about how allowing more illegal immigrants to cross over the border “counts for congressional district reapportionment,” which Kennedy strongly insinuated helps Democrats.

When Mayorkas tried to scold Kennedy for allegedly impugning and “disrespecting” the integrity of the DHS, Kennedy went off:

“Mr. Secretary, you’re using up my time — you do this every single time,” Sen. Kennedy pointed out.

“It’s a fact and I know it: that the more people you allow into our country illegally the more people are counted for reapportionment, and the more people that you allow into our country illegally the more people are counted for allocating electoral votes,” he reiterated.

“Now maybe that’s a coincidence, but that’s fact. You know that, and you’ve done nothing for four years: nada, zero, zilch.”

Sen. Kennedy still wasn’t done. “The only people I know in this country who are better off today than they were four years ago are illegal immigrants,” he noted.

“And that’s as a result of your policy. I don’t hate you for it, I don’t hate anyone, but that’s why you’ve been impeached,” Sen. Kennedy reminded. “And my colleagues may try to cover it up, but they can’t cover up the facts.”


  • Pedro says:

    I’m afraid because we have sat on our hands and have not acted on all the failures of the entire Biden administration and his Marxist appointees, America is about to have a year like none other before. Just waiting on some catastrophic result of all these antiamerican people and policies to bust and we are going to suffer like hasn’t been seen in a very very long time. I wish we would have reacted as soon as we found out we had been invaded and our government and its agencies infiltrated. Get ready for the suck

  • manny says:

    Democrats always go on a tantrum when they want to avoid telling the truth. You can tell that, that is how they lie. Mayorkas needs to leave his position if not by impeachment, then by the interest of the American people. Senator Kennedy should not have let him start on his “I don’t understand the question” rhetoric. He should have asked him yes or no questions. Mayorkas has lied through his teeth when he said that Homeland Security has done a great job at the border. They know its a lie and it makes them think that Republicans are stupid enough to believe their lies.

    • T says:

      manny… it would not have mattered if he asked him yes or no question. Every single time one of Biden’s minions goes before the committees they all have to speak in circles and never really say anything. Myorkass is one of the worst! He feels that he has to give a novel that makes no sense and tries to justify how legal bound and protective they are being for the United States. He insinuates that the Republicans are disrespectful to him and his underlinings…what an imbecile!!!

  • JB says:

    Is Mayorkus so stupid that he thinks this will not come out at election time? He and Biden are anti-America and do not try to hide it anymore. They both need to be removed from office with no taxpayers benefits. But, that won’t happen. This justice system is a slow moving train when it comes to politicians.

  • Mario Lozano says:

    This is obama’s doing 100%!

    • T says:

      Mario Lozano… is not Obama! Obama is bought and paid for just like the Biden administration! He was placed into the presidency just like Biden! The man in charge, George Soros, has his hands in the pockets of so many politicians, judiciaries/DAs, businesses, media, and any other entity that is needed to accomplish his goals of taking down America!! He hated the way George W and Republicans were running the government during that timeframe and he promised to make changes!! And then who came along… a little known nobody! He’s even backed terrorist! Information has started to leak, but nothing will be done about it!!


  • j says:

    How did this Communist from Cuba get in our Government ?



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