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Sen. Bob Menendez Hit with Even More Charges

This week has brought even more bad news for Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), as prosecutors brought 12 news charges against the embattled senator, after he was already charged last September and hit with new charges in early January. “Unveiled on Tuesday, the superseding indictment now charges Menendez with a total of 16 criminal counts over allegations he accepted luxurious bribes in exchange for his political influence and acted as an agent of the Egyptian government,” The Hill reported. His wife has also been charged.

These more recent charges come after a co-defendant took a plea deal. As The Hill further mentions:

Many of the new counts involve alleged schemes with three New Jersey businessmen already brought to light in the senator’s previous indictments, but prosecutors now charge Menendez directly with bribery, extortion and acting as a foreign agent rather than merely bringing conspiracy charges.

The new charging documents follow the recent guilty plea of Jose Uribe, one of three businessmen charged alongside Menendez and his wife, Nadine. The other businessmen, Wael Hana and Fred Daibes, also face new charges.

Prosecutors allege that Menendez told his attorneys to tell the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York in June and September about his knowledge of a more than $23,000 payment Hana made toward Nadine Menendez’s mortgage and the funds Uribe paid toward the Mercedes-Benz convertible.

The New Jersey Democrat also allegedly urged his counsel to tell the prosecuting office that he later learned the funds were loans.

The latest indictment also details a previously unknown meeting between Daibes and Nadine Menendez.

In light of the indictments against him, Menendez has had some creative responses before. During a press conference last September he mentioned the “history of my family facing confiscation in Cuba.” He also brought identity politics further into it. “Those behind this campaign simply cannot accept that a first-generation Latino American from humble beginnings could rise to be a U.S. Senator and serve with honor and distinction,” he claimed in a statement. “Even worse, they see me as an obstacle in the way of their broader political goals.”

Menendez has also refused to resign, leading to some epic trolling from his Democratic colleague, Sen. John Fetterman (PA), who back in January also dared him to run for reelection.

Tuesday’s announcement also comes after a federal judge on Monday rejected his request to toss out evidence, after Menendez had challenged five search warrants and argued they repeatedly violated his Fourth Amendment rights.

“Menendez” has been trending over X in light of the new indictments that were brought against him and his wife.

  • John sweet says:

    Another example of the Democratic socialist ideology and how it works for them at the detriment of Our Nation! The Biden’s should be investigated as thoroughly for selling out the office of the President to further the goals of our enemies to line his and his families pockets just like Menendez did, only the President should be held to a higher standard as he is supposed to be our governments head dog.

  • Romeo Fayloga says:

    Menendez is TRULY A DISGRACE CORRUPT POLITICIAN …kick him out of the Senate…USELESS and WORTHLESS …

  • A. Michaels says:

    It must be great, being a democrap politician. You can lie, cheat, steal with impunity. You’re never held accountable for any of your misdeeds. The corrupt leftist media covers for you at every turn.
    Know something though, I still wouldn’t want to be one. The stench would offend me, and I wouldn’t be able to look at my handsome face in a mirror.

  • Thomas says:

    The fact he is still serving as a Senator tells us the lack of standards they hold themselves to.

    • RM says:

      Thomas, the reason he is still standing on his feet he has a lot s**t on a bunch of those trying to persecute him.

      • RM says:

        Thomas, the reason he is still standing on his feet he has a lot s**t on a bunch of those trying to persecute him.

  • Guido Sarducci says:

    WHAT DO YOU EXPECT, New Jersey, Democrats, corruption, liars .



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