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Security Guard Quits Job on Live TV After He’s Attacked by 2 Suspects — As Boss Blames Him for Assault

A Texas security guard quit his job during a live television interview after an argument with his boss who later blamed him for being assaulted when he tried to stop two suspected carjackers from stealing his car.

Percy Payne, an employee for Priebe Security stationed at a private underground garage in East Austin, was attacked when he witnessed two “young Hispanic males on two electric scooters” trying to break into his car on June 24, according to Fox 7 Austin.

As he recalled the brutal attack in an interview with the outlet, Payne’s manager confronted him and told him he couldn’t speak on camera while on the job.

“We are very sorry for what happened to you,” the supervisor started before she berated Payne.

“We have a policy that you’re not supposed to do any interviews in your uniform. If you want to do this as a private citizen, you can,” she added.

An argument ensued between the two as the cameras rolled and the supervisor ordered Payne to remove his uniform.

Payne attempted to explain to the woman that the interview was the only way he could get his story out, but the supervisor grew frustrated and blamed the guard for being assaulted.

The unidentified supervisor again demanded Payne take his uniform off while he complied with the request.

“Is it my fault?” Payne, wearing a Cleveland Browns shirt after taking off his uniform, asked after being told he was the one who decided to touch the suspects.

“Yes, every bit of it,” his superior said.

Surveillance footage obtained by the outlet captured Payne’s physical encounter with the two suspects, who allegedly broke into the garage through a door that was stuck open, around 9:30 p.m.

He followed the two males downstairs where he saw them standing near his vehicle.

“One individual was at my driver’s door with his back to me, looking back. The other individual was at my passenger door facing me, being a lookout.”

After spotting Payne, the two ran off towards a security gate as the 2-on-1 brawl between Payne and the suspects started.

“A young individual tried to run me over with his scooter multiple times. And then that’s when they started to assault,” Payne said.

During the attack, one of the suspects allegedly shouted, “Hold him” as he grabbed a screwdriver from his pocket and attempted to stab Payne.

“I let them go and immediately went to get my work phone to call 911,” he said.

Payne allegedly told the dispatcher he didn’t need EMS to respond but asked for a police officer, explaining that he had been assaulted.

“Even though I told her I had been assaulted, she told me ‘We will not be sending police officers out there because they did not steal your car.’ And that is when I hung up,” Payne said.

After a few minutes, the security guard redialed 911 and got a different dispatcher, and after explaining his situation again received an apology.

An officer arrived to meet Payne an hour after the assault who explained that his case should have been an “emergency case” as the department are investigating it as an aggravated assault.

“I don’t think that it was taken as seriously as it should’ve been,” Payne said.

Payne, a father, has already landed a new job with a different security firm.

“I woke up the next morning, was about to really get on Indeed and just start scrolling, because I know I’ve been looking in the medical field and a lot of stuff, but something keeps drawing me back to security,” he said.

Michael Cargill, who owns Central Texas Gun Works, told the outlet he was moved by Payne’s story and offered him a job.

“He deserved better,” Cargill said. “That was just insane. The fact that he was in that predicament in the first place, and the fact that his supervisor was blaming him, his company was blaming him as the person that was in the wrong.”

Payne says he is thankful for the new position Cargill offered him.

“Bless him, this is a blessing, so I’m going to take this. This is an opportunity, it’s a doorway, I’m going to take it, it can lead anywhere,” he added.

  • c says:

    what was the security company? We should blast them

  • NinaG says:

    Female supervisor. Enough said.



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