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Secret Service Responds to Reported Hack of Hunter Biden’s iCloud Account

Days after a reported hack of Hunter Biden’s iCloud account led some 4Chan users to claim they had access to vast amounts of information about President Joe Biden’s son, the Secret Service said it is keeping track of the allegations.

The Washington Examiner reported Sunday that screenshots that were claimed as being taken from Hunter Biden’s phone and computer were posted late Saturday. The claims could not be verified. Threads that contained material from the alleged hack were later taken down.

“At this time we are not in a position to make public comments on potential investigative actions but I can assure you the Secret Service along with other federal law enforcement partners are aware of the social media posts and claims referencing Mr. Biden,” Secret Service spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi said in a statement, according to NBC.

NBC said it could not independently confirm whether the claim was true, or whether any material accessed – if any was — had been previously released when the contents of a laptop computer that formerly belonged to Hunter Biden were made public.

According to the Washington Examiner, a forensic examination of the laptop conducted for the news outlet by Konstantinos Dimitrelos, a former Secret Service agent who specializes in digital forensics, found Hunter Biden’s iCloud account had been synced to his MacBook Pro and iPhone.

National Review reported that one video purportedly shows Hunter Biden measuring an amount of the drug crack while talking with a prostitute.

NR reported that another video supposedly accessed from the hack shows Hunter Biden going naked down a water slide.

In a video of remarks on the Senate floor released Monday on his website, Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said there are serious unanswered questions swirling about an investigation into Hunter Biden headed by David Weiss, the U.S. Attorney for Delaware. The investigation reportedly concerns Hunter Biden’s compliance with tax law.

In particular, Grassley said, he and Sen. Ron Johnson, ranking Republican on the Senate Permanent Committee on Investigations, asked Weiss if “he’s received sufficient resources and support from the Justice Department to properly execute the Hunter Biden case.”

Grassley noted that the May letter to Weiss never was answered, except through Attorney General Merrick Garland.

“The failure of Mr. Weiss to answer that very important question adds to the growing congressional and public concern that the Justice Department is pulling its punches in the Hunter Biden case,” he wrote.

Grassley said a wall of silence has fallen around the issue of Hunter Biden.

“On July 30, 2021, and June 28, 2022, Senator Johnson and I wrote to the White House Counsel. We wrote about then-Vice President Biden’s use of non-government email to transmit government information to Hunter Biden. The White House Counsel’s office refuses to answer whether President Biden still communicates government business to Hunter Biden, among other questions we posed,” he said.

“More stonewalling,” Grassley said.

After summing up past threads of investigations into Hunter Biden’s foreign dealings, Grassley said, “For years, my Democratic colleagues levied complaints against the Trump administration’s Justice Department for a lack of transparency. Where are they now?”

Grassley said the full truth about the Hunter Biden investigation needs to be aired publicly.

“Congress has a constitutional responsibility to ensure the proper execution of, and compliance with, conflicts of interest laws and regulations,” Grassley said.

“The failure of the Justice Department to comply with these rules will cause political infection to run rampant. That’ll rot the core of the Justice Department and cast a cloud over everything that it does,” he said.

“As I’ve said before, the Justice Department’s failure to be transparent with the Hunter Biden criminal case, and recusals relating to it, has cast a cloud over this investigation. What is the Justice Department trying to hide? The American people’s concerns about how the case has been managed are legitimate,” he said.

  • Lin Kreuze says:

    If we cannot trust our secret service and our justice dept. and/or those responsible in our federal government, the people will soon lose faith in all govt. which I believe is happening with our kids. They see and hear the news and know about the corruption.. and if not corrected , the anger, rage, and mistrust we fell will destroy them. It is sad that our government does not take steps to have Hunter Biden forbidden from being in the White House or anywhere near D.C. This is such a HUGE EMBARRASSMENT for our nation as well as , even worse, that our government we would put up with this Garbage/Trash! He needs to be forbidden there at all costs and NEVER BE ALLOWED TO REPRESENT US ANYWHERE! HE better not be collecting a salary… we the people want him fired immediately!

  • Cheryl says:

    Said it before, and I’ll say it again. The Brandon administration is a corrupt, illegitimate, organized crime syndicate.

  • Dorothy says:

    There are so many corruption in our country right now that it is sickening. This crew that took over the White House are just put in office to destroy us. There is so much evidence out there to remove them, no one steps up to the plate. Most of us know that Hunter and his dad were up to no good from day !. They go after Trump with no evidence of any kind, just lie through their hats. I would not even pay attention to these Criminals in office, all they do is lie.

  • Phil Barberg says:

    The FBI and DOJ are the enforcement arm of the Democratic party. Their only mission is to protect the Democrats and go after anyone who becomes a threat to them. Whistle-blowers risk everything when disclosing facts about the Biden family syndicate. Especially in exposing the Hunter Biden deals with foreign countries for the Big Guy daddy.. But like Hilary Clinton they will not prosecute proven crimes.

    The Republicans need to go public with everything concerning Hunter’s laptop and foreign pay offs. They need to expose the FBI and DOJ’s corruption. Elections are coming and censorship is in high gear to protect the Democrats. The stakes have never been higher to take back control of Congress.



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