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Secret Service Destroyed Video of Biden’s Dog Biting Agent in Brutal Attack That Drew Blood

The Secret Service destroyed video of Joe Biden’s dog Commander biting an agent in a brutal attack that drew blood.

New documents obtained by conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch reveal Joe Biden is personally responsible for attacks by his German Shepherd Commander.

These documents were obtained after Judicial Watch reported that Joe Biden abuses his dogs. According to a Judicial Watch source, Joe Biden punches and kicks his dogs.

According to emails obtained by Judicial Watch, Joe Biden watched as his dog aggressively bit a Secret Service agent’s arm two times in a row.

Documents show Commander is behind at least 23 biting incidents. Biden’s other German Shepherd Major is behind at least 10 biting incidents.

In one biting incident, the White House had to shut down tours to wipe blood off the floor.

“In February 2024 Judicial Watch received 269 pages of records related to incidents of aggression by Commander, including at least 23 biting incidents. After one incident, East Wing public tours were stopped for approximately 20 minutes due to the blood on the floor. These records include a spreadsheet of 22 incident reports between October 2022 and June 2023, 10 of which required medical treatment,” Judicial Watch reported.

The Daily Mail filed a FOIA lawsuit and requested video of the dog-biting incidents. The Secret Service told the Daily Mail the video of the brutal attack no longer exists.

The Daily Mail reported:

The Secret Service destroyed a video that captured President Joe Biden’s dog Commander chomping down on one of its agents – in an attack that forced the White House to shut down tours so blood could be wiped off the floor. filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the Secret Service in March after a video was mentioned as part of an email that detailed a June 15, 2023 biting incident with the since-banished first dog.

The video purportedly showed Commander running at a high rate of speed and jumping toward the agent in the East Wing’s Kennedy Garden, leaving a ‘deep bite’ on the individual’s left arm ‘that reportedly needed stitches,’ the email said.

‘East Wing Tours were stopped for approximately 20 minutes due to blood from the incident being on the floors in the area of the Booksellers,’ the message continued, referencing the room that is just inside from the garden.

The Secret Service’s Freedom of Information Act Officer Kevin Tyrrell wrote to in a letter Friday that ‘Due to Secret Service retention standards, the above mentioned file(s) has been destroyed.’

  • JB says:

    What a lot of bull crap. I hope the agent took his own pictures and when Biden is escorted out of the White House brings assault charges against Biden. The place where treatment was done would MAYBE have a record of the bite and stitches.

  • Cathy says:

    Any other pet owner after a second bite would have had the dog removed and put down. But not the Bidens, why? Two dogs? What the heck. So many disturbing things.

  • As we all know, an6nother dogs would probably have been euthanized by now and the owner prevented from ever owning pets again. But seeing we have a two tiered system of justice, even in dog bite situations, we won’t ever see these 2 dogs taken care of. I’m so sorry for the Secret Service personnel who have been hurt.

  • A. Michaels says:

    I feel bad for the dog. If I was that animal, I’d bite Joe and run away.



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