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Secret Service Arrest Man at Vice President’s House in DC

The Secret Service has reported a man with a gun has been arrested after he allegedly attempted to enter the grounds of the Vice President’s residence which is located on the grounds of the United States Naval Observatory.

NBC 4 Washington broke the story and reported the man had the authorization to be at the Vice President’s residence.

As the man made his way to the checkpoint he told Secret Service agents at checkpoint he had a gun in his car which resulted in agents checking his car.

Agents would discover his gun was improperly registered and the man was arrested for having an unregistered firearm and for carrying a pistol in a restricted area.

As of now authorities have yet to release the identity of the man.

Per NBC 4 Washington:

The U.S. Secret Service arrested a man with a gun as he attempted to enter the grounds of the vice president’s residence in Northwest D.C.

The man, who had authorization to be there, reported he had a gun in his car at a vehicle checkpoint, the Secret Service said.

The gun turned out to be improperly registered.

The man was arrested for unregistered firearm, unregistered ammo, carrying a pistol without a license and carrying a pistol in a prohibited area.

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  • Boris says:

    If only he had gotten together with former mayor of San Francisco, Willy Brown, Kookmala would have had Secret Service let them in to do a three some.

  • D says:

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