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Scientists May Have Finally Figured Out Why Hair Turns Gray — and How to Stop It

They’ve got this one on locks.

Researchers at NYU have unlocked fresh evidence as to why human hair loses its natural color over time — which could help prevent people from graying.

The new study, conducted using mice and published in Nature, a peer-reviewed journal, closely examined the melanocyte stem cells known to control hair color.

Earlier in life, these cells can be remarkably dynamic, but with age, as hair is lost and regrown, the McSCs tend to slow down, getting trapped in what’s known as the hair follicle bulge, meaning they don’t get a chance to finish the job they were created to do.

Finding a way to get them moving again, which appears to be entirely possible, could mean the end of gray hair — not just in mice, but in people too, according to the team at NYU’s Grossman School of Medicine.

“[This] adds to our basic understanding of how melanocyte stem cells work to color hair,” said study lead Qi Sun, PhD, a postdoctoral fellow at NYU Langone Health. “The newfound mechanisms raise the possibility that the same fixed positioning of melanocyte stem cells may exist in humans.”

“If so, it presents a potential pathway for reversing or preventing the graying of human hair by helping jammed cells to move again between developing hair follicle compartments,” Sun said.

During the study, lab mice that had their hair “physically aged” by plucking and forced regrowth were observed to have a 15% higher concentration of McSCs stuck in that follicle bulge before the hairs were pulled.

After the intervention, the percentage of hairs that no longer had pigment generating abilities rose to nearly 50%.

With the greater understanding of the stalled-out cells and their probable responsibility for loss of hair color, researchers are now focused on how to get the McSCs back on track.

According to lead researcher Professor Mayumi Ito, PhD, the task is “to investigate means of restoring motility of McSCs or of physically moving them back to their germ compartment, where they can produce pigment.”

In other words, don’t toss the hair dye just yet.

  • Bret says:

    How stopping male pattern baldness please

  • KT says:

    Why stop it?? Some women pay good money for the gray look! Some like one of my BFFs have beautiful, natural graying, it’s like3 shade of gray that blend so beautifully she is letting it go.
    And graying men, soooo sexy

  • Nate says:

    POLITICS!—–Politics makes your hair turn grey and fall out! It also creates High Blood Pressure, Dementia and other diseases such as Dropsees Heart Disease! That’s where you drop to your ass and not have the heart to get up!

  • John says:

    I’m pretty sure the new age Satanist and Antichrist scientists who work on a daily basis try to outperform and belittle our God that created these demons and gave them Free Will and choice, will never stop trying to figure out a way to satanically praise Satan in their daily fake agendas that will make your hair go back to being a dark color, the world’s collapsing and these demonic morons are worried about gray hair, this is why this world deserves the second coming of Christ, total massive destruction, plagues floods, diseases, along with famine and major loss of life, so these kind of demons can burn in hell for eternity , why don’t they work on reversing the Communist euthanasia Democrat/ communist funded domestic terrorist viruses vaccines and bio weapon boosters that they released on the American people knowingly , and spread it globally on purpose for the control of wealth resources and enslavement and destruction of humanity to usher in their demonic U.N. & E.U. N.W.O. ANTICHRIST LUCIFERIAN RICH ELETIST COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT

  • Laurie says:

    Mice aren’t my favorite, but, pulling their hairs out to see how fast hair turns gray? IF, those cells work the same in humans it might help someone avoid getting gray hair. That seems excessively cruel just for vanity. Age is a privilege denied to many. People need to accept that their bodies go through phases from birth to death. Trying to defeat age and death is extremely arrogant. We all know what happens when men arrogantly attempt to become as powerful as God.



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