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School Staffer, Director of Child Development Busted in Child Sex Sting

On Thursday, six people were arrested in Washington County Oregon for luring of a minor and online sexual corruption of a child in the first degree; both felony charges. According to the Sheriff’s office, two of the men had jobs working with children.

26-year old Te’Vari Jenkins, of Gresham, was the Director of Childhood Development Programs for the Club K program in the Wilsonville area. The second was 29-year old Sean Baba, of Portland who was the Director of Music Ministry at St. Pius X Church and School in Cedar Mill.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office used “multiple dating applications, social media sites, and other online platforms to pose as underage boys and girls.” Their report continued, “The people contacted the profiles online and offered to meet a person they believed to be a child for sex. When the people arrived to meet the child, they were instead contacted by law enforcement and arrested.”

According to the release, “The Sheriff’s Office regularly conducts undercover operations, both full-scale stings and day-to-day chats, targeting child predators,” and that these “pro-active missions are designed to identify and contact people before they victimize an actual child.”

Detective Mark Povolny told KGW, “We say we’re underage, and we give them a specific age and then they end the chat or say that, you know, that’s not OK and walk away, which is great. I’d love to do a mission where we don’t arrest anybody because every single person doesn’t show up,” he added “Unfortunately, that’s never happened for us.”

According to an April 10th survey from, Oregon had the most registered sex offenders per capita than any other state. The report states that they have 772 sex offenders per 100,000 residents. The next closest state was Arkansas with 606 per 100,000. In the United states the number of sex offenders rose about 3 percent in 2022.

Club K in Wilsonville is an afterschool program which serves multiple cities in Oregon to “support children and youth in discovering and developing their talents, strengths, and skills through an enriching, fun, and inspiring after school environment,” according to their website.

St. Pius X is a Catholic church and school located in Cedar Mill suburb of Portland.

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  • Gunny says:

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