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School in the Hot Seat After Parents Claim Trans Athlete Left Girls with Welts

A group of Wisconsin parents are outraged over what could potentially be a transgender athlete participating in a girls’ sport at an area school, according to FOX 11 in Green Bay.

Parents said their daughters started coming home from summer games and practices with welts and bruises that they never noticed on their children before, the outlet reported Wednesday.

Though they declined to specify which sport and which school is involved in the dustup, citing confidentiality concerns, the school in focus belongs to the Green Bay Area Public School District.

FOX 11 spoke to three sets of parents about the ordeal to get their reactions. Each cited concerns over fairness and safety, particularly when it comes to biological males participating alongside biological women.

“They’re just not used to the ball coming at them that hard,” one parent, Ryan Gusick, said, adding, “A lot of these girls are specifically quitting this team because they’re concerned for their safety.

Heather Longlais, a concerned mom, told the outlet that the student under scrutiny has the “most power” out of all members on the team.

Longlais said she isn’t opposed to trans students having a “seat at the table,” but added that the seat doesn’t need to be at the “girls’ table,” particularly referencing biological males transitioning to female.

Parents involved in the story said their daughters will not participate in the sport this fall if the athlete is allowed to participate going forward.

The district provided the following statement to FOX 11: “[The district] cares about the well-being of every student. All decisions regarding a student’s ability to participate in co-curricular athletics/activities are made in accordance with Title IX law, Board policy, and WIAA [Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association] regulations.”

WIAA’s policy on transgender athletes focuses on “equity,” “physical safety” and “competitive equity,” and acknowledges that “biological males or androgen-supplemented biological females are typically stronger and faster than biological females,” according to a document outlining its standards.

The policy also states that “a student’s member school will be the point of contact for determining the student’s eligibility to participate in WIAA sponsored interscholastic athletics” and, for biological males transitioning to female, they “must have one calendar year of medically documented testosterone suppression therapy to be eligible to participate on a female team.”

  • Mad says:

    How much more of a grotesque insane asylum can America become?

  • Nancy says:

    In this article they must be talking about a baseball team with a transgender male/female on it. Can you imagine a transgender pitcher pitching against an all girl team? Some one can and will get hurt or killed with this idiot’s strength when pitching that ball. Where is the Girl Power to stand up to this insanity? As long as these girls continue to go along with this insanity this will never stop. Be strong, stand strong and STAND TOGETHER AND JUST SAY NO!



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