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Sandy Hook Families file Request to Seize Alex Jones’ X Account as Part of Asset Liquidation

On Wednesday, families of the Sandy Hook massacre victims petitioned the bankruptcy court to seize Alex Jones’s X account as part of liquidating his assets.

The families argued that Jones’s X account, which boasts more than 2.3 million followers, should be treated “no different than a customer list of any other liquidating business,” claiming that Jones uses the account to reach customers and gain profit.

This comes after Jones, who filed for bankruptcy protection in 2022, agreed to liquidate his assets in bankruptcy after failing to reach a settlement with the Sandy Hook families that would reduce the $1.5 billion he owes to the relatives of 20 students and six staff members killed in the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Now, the families want the Houston, Texas judge to seize control of Jones’s social media accounts to ensure he is unable to start any new business ventures, claiming that Jones’s posts are a key part of the Infowars business being liquidated to pay his debts, per Reuters.

They contended that Jones has utilized the social media account to reduce the value of Infowars by redirecting sales from the site to his father’s health supplement company,

In response to the request, Jones’ attorney, Vickie Driver said: “The Connecticut Plaintiffs never wanted money from Jones but to silence him.”

Jones’ X account was reinstated in December following a user poll conducted by X owner Elon Musk after a nearly five-year ban from the platform.

The families’ demand is scheduled to be heard by a US bankruptcy judge at a court hearing in Houston on Friday.

The judge is anticipated to convert Alex Jones’ bankruptcy case from a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which provides an insolvent debtor with greater control, to a Chapter 7 liquidation.

This conversion would enable a court-appointed trustee to seize and liquidate Jones’ assets.

  • TD says:

    the Sandy hook people are scum, I could care less what Alex Jones said about Sandy Hook and I would bet 99% of the people don’t either and thats if they even heard about it at all, I know for one thing I am sick of hearing about the stupid freaking Sandy hook people, I know when I heard about it years ago it did not take me long to say the story was bullshit and forgot about it until these stupid shady hook people brought it up again

  • Barb N says:

    Any sympathy I might have had for these parents, has gone right out the window. Anyone seeking to harm another by bankrupting them, to get the resulting money for themselves because that person said something they found terrible, is a degenerate POS. They should really look into what the alphabet security agencies do, perhaps, then, they’d be going after the right people. Any money these people receive, will not make them happy…I pray it doesn’t.

  • J says:

    These “Families” need to be prosecuted for Violating Alex’ 8th Amendment.

    ALSO get the IRS and bank statements of EACH FAMILY to see whos paying for this.

  • One says:

    I don’t think the initial intent of the families was to bankrupt Jones. The lawyers made sure that was going to happen – and the families didn’t argue w/ that either. As far as the Sandy Hook incident: False flag events don’t mean people don’t die. It just means the purposeful designed strategy, and the people who were used to carry it out, (usually known drug addicts w/ serious mental health issues), were (again) tools to an end for an ulterior motive, facilitating a specific narrative, (read: Guns are bad. We need to eliminate all guns).

    Sandy Hook is only one false flag example of how the government can use people to a specific end. Many of the school shootings, (starting w/ Columbine), were the result of government intervention, after being aware of these types of people, having them on their radar, and then while monitoring them, ‘groom’ them into a hateful frenzy via indoctrination techniques. They then give them the opportunity to carry out the deed(s).

    The government wants your guns. It’s the only scenario guaranteeing the facilitation of a dictatorial agenda w/o the threat of being killed in the process. So, the next time you hear of an ‘event’ or ‘incident’ involving guns – think twice, before you allow this government and its complicit media to talk you into jumping on the infamous ‘gun control’ bandwagon. You may be jumping to your own death.

  • Loring says:

    Most of the people involved in the legal part of this case, don’t really care about those kids or the families of those kids. They see this as an opportunity to shut the mouth of a person that has a platform to disagree with the left. Sounds a lot like Fascism to me. They can’t fight fire will fire, because no one watches those shows or listens to them. Except those that have gone down the rabbit hole with earplugs and blinders on.



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