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San Francisco Restaurant Bans Armed Police to Keep Patrons ‘Safer’

San Francisco’s Reem’s California is prohibiting on-duty police officers from entering their restaurant while armed.

KRON4 reported Reem’s “implemented a policy that bans armed police officers from entering the business located at 2901 Mission St.”

The policy came into wider view last week, after a San Francisco police officer was denied service.

The San Francisco POA explained the incident on X:

San Francisco POA used another X post claiming that Reem’s California did not put up a sign by the door announcing their policy, so the officer walked in unaware.

San Francisco POA said, “We are not asking Reem’s or any business with a bigoted policy to serve our officers. We’re asking them to own their discriminatory policy & and put up a sign so we know not to spend money in your establishment—on or off duty.”

  • Former cop says:

    Cops to Reems:
    Fine, but don’t call us for anything, as we do not respond or enter areas where weapons are not allowed. This is for our safety. You are not the only restaurant in town.

  • Lynda says:

    Put up your sign so the rest of the people who aren’t a bunch of idiots will not spend our money

  • Art LaPella says:

    The news report mentions the restaurant’s address. That’s like a welcome mat for criminals. Hmm, is that good or bad? I hope it wasn’t just an oversight.

  • Richard says:

    If it was anywhere else but California I wouldn’t have believed it but they better hope they don’t get robbed or somebody starts shooting the place up because if I was a police officer I wouldn’t walk in the door to help because they said I wasn’t welcome inside so good luck with that idea



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