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RNC Announces Milwaukee as Host City for 2024 Convention

The Republican National Committee (RNC) officially announced on Friday that it selected the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to host the 2024 Republican National Convention after committee members voted unanimously to choose the host city.

The RNC’s announcement makes Milwaukee the convention host for the second presidential election cycle in a row. As the Republicans announced their convention locations, the Democrats have yet to announce where they will hold their convention.

“I am excited to announce Milwaukee as the host city for the 2024 Republican National Convention,” said RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, adding:

Milwaukee is a world-class city, and we are eager to see it shine in the spotlight come 2024. I look forward to working with the members of the Republican National Committee, Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson, the Milwaukee Host Committee, and Visit Milwaukee to deliver an incredible convention for our Party and nominate the next President of the United States.

The Republican convention will feature speeches from prominent party figures in addition to announcing the formal nomination to the Republican Party’s ticket for the 2024 presidential election.

“Milwaukee welcomes the 2024 Republican National Convention. My city is ready to show the world what a great destination we are for conventions and tourism,” Milwaukee’s Mayor Cavalier Johnson said in a statement. “We look forward to the positive economic impact of the Presidential nomination convention, and, as the host city, I am confident all the attendees will find Milwaukee to be a splendid location for the event.”

The Milwaukee host committee also released a statement stating they are “thrilled” to welcome the delegates and guests to the convention and the city.

The host committee added:

We are honored to be chosen to present to the world and to the RNC our gracious hospitality, iconic venues and enthusiastic corps of volunteer greeters and guides. This transformative economic investment will position Milwaukee to be among the best destinations for business and leisure, and we look forward to hosting a successful convention in 2024.

The Democrats were supposed to hold their 2020 convention in Milwaukee but ultimately decided to hold much of the event virtually because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Wisconsin is typically a key swing state and will likely be one again in 2024. One of the other places the RNC was looking at for the 2024 convention was Nashville, Tennessee.

  • Richard Mundy says:

    I don’t understand why the RNC did not choose Phoenix as a place to have their convention it’s more Conservative then other state’s?

  • Flagrante Delicto says:

    This is horseshit. MIAMI has better looking hookers. Milwaukee? Gross!!

  • StevenG says:

    The best 2 glasses of beer I ever drank was at the Miller Brewery. After an interesting tour of the brewery everyone was offered 2 glasses of draft beer. I don’t especially care for draft beer or Miller beer. However, I was blown away at how good it tasted. I tried to get a third glass and was told I could have two more if I took the tour again. I even offered to buy another glass and was given the same reply. Take the tour, get your beer!
    I recommend taking that tour as it is well worth seeing and then enjoy the awesome reward of a couple free glasses of what I consider the best tasting beer I ever drank! :0)

  • Rudog says:

    Wayyyy better locations than that …barrel bottom choice RNC!

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