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RFK Jr. Considering NFL Player, former WWE Star as Running Mate

There’s an outside chance that Aaron Rodgers will be working overtime this year.

The New York Jets quarterback is working on getting healthy from his ruptured Achilles to suit up for the 2024 season after playing just four snaps.

However, Rodgers is also a potential candidate to be Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential running mate, a representative for RFK Jr. confirmed to Fox News Digital.

A rep said that Kennedy is “considering” Rodgers as a running mate.

The New York Times, which first reported that Rodgers and former WWE star and Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura were on Kennedy’s list, said the four-time NFL MVP “welcomed” the idea.

Rodgers has been outspoken about his support for Kennedy, even saying he would like to be in a tag-team match with Kennedy as his partner against Dr. Anthony Fauci and “Mr. Pfizer” Travis Kelce. When he dropped that bomb, he referred to RFK Jr. as “my man.”

Last April, Rodgers wrote #kennedy2024″ on his Instagram story, and supported him in another post on what was then Twitter.

Over the summer, when Kennedy and Dr. Peter Hotez exchanged words, Rodgers said Kennedy “would mop this bum.” Hotez, who has long advocated for the COVID-19 vaccine, admitted he is “not as cautious about my diet as I should be,” adding he is a “junk food-aholic,” which is “terrible for my health.”

Kennedy is an independent candidate in the 2024 election — he has promoted anti-vaccine commentary, similar to Rodgers, who has said there is an ingredient in the vaccine he is allergic to.

Rodgers recently called Kennedy’s “State of Our Union” video X, “presidential.”

  • eddie says:

    Well, if you don’t want to make a difference in the election, you should choose one of the two! You will have no shot at being a spoiler if either of those two are selected. You have just made your campaign a laughing stock!

  • Beverly Howey says:

    Is a Kennedy really that stupid or not taing this position seriously os is this the news media thought? I would not trust the NEWSmedia ANY FURTHER THAN I CAN KICK MY SHOE.

  • Mimi says:


  • j says:

    Kennedy is a Joke….



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