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Resurfaced Photo Shows Biden Holding Classified Document in Front of Cameras

A photo has resurfaced of then-Vice President Joe Biden holding a classified document in 2013.

The photo shows Biden holding a folder marked “CODEWORD — CLASSIFIED DOCUMENT — VICE PRESIDENT” inside the Oval Office.

The picture was taken on Sept. 30, 2013, as Biden prepared for a meeting between President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Hard copies of sensitive documents are typically only allowed in sensitive compartmented information facilities (SCIFs) — secured rooms free from cameras and other devices.

The photo resurfaced as officials launch an investigation into Biden’s handling of sensitive documents dating back to his tenure as vice president.

Biden again ignored reporters’ questions on Tuesday as they tried to get him to address the classified documents from his time as vice president that were recently found at his Delaware home and at the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C.

“Will you commit to speak to the special counsel?” one reporter could be heard asking in reference to Robert Hur, who has been appointed special counsel to investigate the documents and how they were kept.

Biden did not acknowledge the questions as he smiled while White House staff urgently rushed the media out of the room.

  • Fraser says:

    Only the highest level of TOP SECRET documents are confined to compartmented rooms. You know, like several of the documents that Trump stole and lied about having and tried to keep. 11,000 documents stolen, hundreds were Top Secret, and who knows how many documents he destroyed or flushed down the toilet. In addition to his holding a TOP SECRET meeting at Mar a Lago in the same room with members dining, and then telling the leader of China he ordered missiles fired at Syria – a tiny airport that was closed and inconsequential and a couple of missiles missed their mark and killed children.

    • alex jacques says:

      This does prove that there should be no secret documents allowed in any part of government systems. Honesty and openness should prevail.

    • D says:

      You like to spew bullshit don’t you? How about the 300,000 classified papers that obama is said to have taken?? But both Trump and obama were Presidents and could have them declassified. Biden did not. So anything he has was illegal from the start.

      • Joe The Liar says:

        If that was the case, Biden would have been required to tell the people that the War in Ukraine was planned and agreed upon, well ahead of the disastrous exit from Afghanistan.

  • alex jacques says:

    Why should governments have documents that have to be classified? What are they hiding from the people and the public? Who is allowed to see these documents? Is it possible to have an open and above-board government that openly tells the truth? I propose that all classified documents be disqualified, destroyed, and nothing more be classified, WE, the people need to hear the truth openly and honestly, AAAJ

  • alex jacques says:

    We will never have a decent world and planet until honesty and openness are integrated into all government systems. We use computers to buy, sell and guide the masses. Why can we not use computers programmed positively to run this world?. Elected governments have undoubtedly proven that they cannot handle the job. and the people who vote don’t have a clue as to who to vote for.

  • Hugh R Acosta Jr. says:

    What an idiot. Spent 20 years in the military and when handling classified documents we were trained to take it seriously. Even when in a SCIF, if classified documents were out and someone needed access to the SCIF, we covered the documents and stood right beside them. Didn’t matter what the “visitor’s” security clearance was, The documents were NOT for their eyes unless they possessed the proper security level AND had the proper reason to see them.

  • FLA-GAL says:

    Cripes! Even 10 years ago, Bidumb looked mentally lost!



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