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Researchers Discover COVID Drug Created By Merck Is Causing Virus Mutations in Patients

Researchers in the United States and the United Kingdom have revealed that Lagevrio, a drug designed by Merck meant to treat COVID, is causing the virus to mutate in patients.

This creates the potential for more communicable and deadly versions of COVID to emerge in the future.

When one studies how Lagevrio works, this should not come as a shock. The pill attacks the COVID virus by trying to alter its genetic code.

Once inside a human cell, a virus can make 10,000 copies of its genetic code in a few hours. Each copy made increases the risk the virus makes a rare mistake and creates an inexact replica.

This is how mutations happen as we have seen with COVID. A drug that deliberately alters a virus’s genetic code would greatly increase the mutation risk.

Moreover, Merck was warned by multiple scientists their drug might create problematic mutations which would render the virus more dangerous and difficult to treat. The company decided to blow off any concerns and put Lagevrio on the market anyway.

Here is the full report from Bloomberg:

Merck & Co.’s Covid-19 pill is giving rise to new mutations of the virus in some patients, according to a study that underscores the risk of trying to intentionally alter the pathogen’s genetic code.

Some researchers worry the drug may create more contagious or health-threatening variations of Covid, which has killed more than 6.8 million people globally over the past three years.

Mutations linked to the use of Merck’s pill, Lagevrio, have been identified in viral samples taken from dozens of patients, according to a preprint study from researchers in the US and at the Francis Crick Institute, Imperial College London and other UK institutions.

The drug-linked mutations of the virus haven’t been shown to be more immune-evasive or lethal yet, according to the study published Friday without peer review on the medRxiv website. But their very existence highlights what some scientists say are potential risks in wider use of the drug, which was recently cleared in China.

Lagevrio works by creating mutations in the Covid genome that prevent the virus from replicating in the body, reducing the chances it will cause severe illness. Some scientists had warned before it was authorized in late 2021 that by virtue of how it works, the drug could give rise to mutations that could turn out to be problematic. The preprint paper has reawakened those worries about the Merck drug.

“There’s always been this underlying concern that it could contribute to a problem generating new variants,” said Jonathan Li, a virologist at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. “This has largely been hypothetical, but this preprint validates a lot of those concerns.”

  • PJ Wray says:

    That’s what happens when you rush a medication to market without years of testing. The pharmaceutical companies made sure they couldn’t be sued and then went ahead and promoted mass genocide. How many more people are going to die of complications from the Covid medications before the medical community gets wise? Follow the money – it’s all about the money now.

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    A few months ago you’d read or hear about an isolated incident, where a teenager, or persons in the 20-37 years of age, (and w/ NO negative medical history), would be experiencing unusual symptoms, totally uncharacteristic for them. In some, they would find blood clots, some got very sick, and some died. Then, a few weeks ago, examples of the effects of these ‘death shots’ (which were mandated by governments, world-wide), were starting to snowball, to dozens of incidents each day. Now, we’re experiencing HUNDREDS of cases daily just in the U.S..


    They’re killing us w/ the (purposeful) release of the COVID-19 virus, the lockdowns, the masks, the mandated vaccines, the ‘boosters’, even the COVID test kits have been found to have harmful chemicals…and the ‘clincher’: What the ‘conspiracy theorists’ were spewing at the advent of the vaccine mandates – is true: IT IRREPARABLY CHANGES YOUR DNA.
    The Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology found that the gene-editing COVID-19 vaccination shots tend to cause, “neurodegenerative disease, myocarditis, Bell’s palsy, liver disease, impaired adaptive immunity, impaired DNA damage response and tumorigenesis.” Another report published by The Lancet in February 2022 that found it causes “risk of infection, elongated hospitalization, and many times death up to 9 months after a second dose of COVID-19 vaccine.”

    In other words, the first shot COMPROMISES YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM, and every shot after that DOUBLES YOUR CHANCES FOR DEATH.

    Recently, there are numerous reports of several embalmers across the United States now noticing “fibrous” and “rubbery clots” inside corpses they prepare. They never saw anything like this until sometime after the COVID-19 pandemic, and subsequent vaccines and boosters. Prior to 2020, 2021, they all stated they probably would see somewhere between 5-10% of the bodies [having] blood clots. Now 50-70% of the bodies have them. These clots have a rubbery feeling and are very long as they exit the veins used during the embalming procedure. They appear like earthworms. They also noticed these same corpses were extremely deficient in potassium, magnesium, and zinc. According to cardiologist Dr. Wade Hamilton “The fact that the magnesium, potassium, and zinc are very low in the samples could suggest that they are not the usual post-mortem clots, that in fact THERE WAS NO BLOOD FLOW IN THESE VESSELS”. Richard Hirschman, a licensed funeral director and embalmer in Alabama agrees w/ several of his colleagues across the nation, in that the cause of the blood clots’ origin is from the COVID-19 vaccines and boosters.


    Thousands around the world have died from inoculations mandated by global elites. and facilitated through country regimes. It’s time for every conservative, patriotic millionaire in this country, (and others who believe in freedom), to pool their resources, escrow a BILLION dollars, hire the best, international assassins money can buy, and (starting w/ George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Pope Fauci, Obummer, and the Clintons), KILL the top 1000 global elites responsible for this INSANITY – DONE. Anything less, expect more of the same (and to get worse).


    The global elites are in full-gear w/ their NWO agenda. Within 2 years, 80% of EVERYONE who has taken the vaccine WILL BE DEAD – and that includes our military. That’s when China will make its move (through the United Nations), to invade America. Sounds crazy? Think about this: Did you even DREAM what you’re going through today – only 4 short years ago?

  • John says:

    All questions should be directed to the New World Order Democrat communist Antichrist Satan worshiping corrupted anti-constitutional anti-American America hating finishes government agencies of the global U.N and EU demonic global Unions that funded protected and lied about their lab created bio weapons euthanasia agenda

    • Zmb Grrl says:

      You’ve got that right! Add in the puppet masters – Gates, Schwab, Soros and co. They’ve got two things in common, and one of them is they are global socialists.

  • MARY H PRICE says:


  • Art LaPella says:

    There are a lot of flames down here. I must have guessed the wrong religion or something.

    Remember how you people say that vaccination will kill you within two years? Well tick tock, my two years are now up! So I must be writing from beyond the grave. Jack the Ripper said to tell you “hi” for him.

    I’ll try to anticipate your responses:

    1. “Just you wait, Art LaPella! After 3 years, or after 5 years, you’ll be dead as a doornail!”

    Answer: The original claim, falsely attributed to Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier, was 2 years, not 3 years, 5 years or anything else. It was widely repeated elsewhere. Sometimes the two-year claim has been repeated here, as recently as today, this very comment section (it was changed to 80%, but even so, most doctors should be dead by now, and most of your friends by summer). Sometimes it has been lengthened as time runs out. So postponing Armageddon as time runs out makes you sound like “Jesus is coming on Tuesday. Oops, I mean Wednesday.”

    The prediction wasn’t that the vaccine kills in 3 years, or 5 years, or 80% of the time, or that it just gives you a headache, or that it plays tennis, or that it flies to the moon. It was that the vaccine kills within two years. It doesn’t. And you didn’t say maybe.

    2. ”You must have gotten the placebo!”

    Answer: Then everybody I know must have gotten the placebo. If everybody got the placebo, then you might as well take the placebo yourselves. It’s just salt water, and you’ll get a vaccination card.

    3. “George Soros must have paid you. I don’t believe you.”

    Answer: Excellent! I’m glad you finally stopped believing everything you read. Please don’t take my word for it. Do your own research. Project Veritas is invited to interview my dead body. Remember, my family and I have been vaccinated for two years now, so according to you, we must all be dead.

    You may remember that when the vaccine was first approved, there wasn’t enough vaccine for everyone who wanted it. Old people and medical workers had first priority (details varied by state). So nearly all medical workers have been vaccinated for two years by now. Are they dead? Go visit a hospital. Go on, visit a hospital. Be careful not to stumble over the skeletons of vaccinated doctors. Shout “HELLO!!!” If your voice echoes back to you through empty hallways because everyone is dead, then congratulations! You’re right, and I’m wrong! Most of your friends will die in the next few months, for the same reason. Come to my grave and tell me about it. Speak up, I can’t hear much from six feet under.

    4. Why do you sheep like you trust the bureaucrats? Wake up!

    Answer: A better question is: Who do I distrust more? The bureaucrats, or people who insist I should be dead by now?

    5. You’re just striking out in blind anger because you know you can’t purge the poison from your veins. How pathetic.

    Answer: Aww, I didn’t know you cared. You should be a woke therapist. If I secretly agreed with you, why would I keep getting boosted?

    6. Changing the subject. “That’s absurd! We know from the funeral directors, from most of the Covid deaths being vaccinated, from Canadian doctors, from the absence of testing, from even the FDA admitting side effects, from Bill Gates saying he wants genocide, from all my vaccinated relatives who all died in agony, and all the sob stories we’ve read, that you’re going to die!!!”

    Answer: One at a time. I could further monopolize this page discussing each of those conspiracy theories in detail.

    For instance, the death rate is up, so what other new cause could be responsible? Covid. Long Covid. Fentanyl. Super meth.

    For another instance, they say it wasn’t tested. It was, but at “warp speed”. Anyway, millions have been vaccinated for years. That accomplishes everything a test does. And more.

    For another instance, most Americans are vaccinated, especially Americans expecting to die soon. That’s why most people noticed by funeral directors were vaccinated – just because most people in general are vaccinated. Similarly for the Covid death percentage.

    For another instance, if every death is automatically assumed to be another example of being killed by the vaccine, then why isn’t Christopher Columbus still alive? He wasn’t vaccinated.

    For another instance, what about, say, Canadian doctors? Here’s a quick test to tell if something is a coincidence: Could you design casino games to make sure the odds always favor the house, and still be competitive? Do you know what a standard deviation is? A correlation coefficient? A mean? Statistical bias? Variance? A Poisson distribution? Six sigma? If so, use terms like that to describe your confidence level about vaccines. If not, shut up. Whichever side is wrong is getting a lot of people killed.

    And you can get likes by telling me that all your vaccinated relatives are dead (not just a couple). Even though most living people you know are vaccinated. But since Covid victims really are dying and most of you are more religious than I am, how do you plan to explain that whopper when you meet your Maker?


    But if you raise those issues, first you need to acknowledge you were completely wrong, at least about the two years, as in response number 7 below:

    7. The least likely response. “OK, OK Art, you don’t have to rub it in. You didn’t die in two years. Also, we’ll be more careful about where we get our information in the future. Satisfied?”

    Answer: Admitting your mortal fallibility would help a lot. Only then could we meaningfully discuss the unreliability of the rest of the nonsense. If they don’t tell you where a story came from, they probably got it from somebody who got it from somebody who got it from somebody who made it up.

    I get it that you can’t always trust the bureaucrats, but much of this stuff here is worse. I don’t have all the answers. I’m not qualified to argue details with guys like Dr. Malone, but if you don’t start by disavowing impossible antivaxxer dogma like the two-year prediction, there’s no reason to take you seriously. I’m just trying to fight the epidemic of malarkey.

    But if you still believe I died within 2 years, please bring some flowers to my grave. That would be sweet.



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