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Republicans Win the House of Representatives

It is now official. Republicans have won the House of Representatives. According to Decision Desk HQ, the GOP will hold at least 218 seats following yet another race called in their favor.

Nancy Pelosi has been dethroned. The seat that pushed Republicans over the finish line was in California’s 3rd district, won by Kevin Kiley, who has been an outspoken fighter against Gavin Newsom in the state.

Looking at the outstanding races left, it is probable that the GOP will reach at least 220 seats and may end up with as many as 222. Lauren Boebert in CO-3 is currently leading and is simply waiting on the “curing” period to end. Other races in California that seem probable to go Republican include Mike Garcia’s seat.

This isn’t the outcome Republicans expected, but it is something. Winning is better than losing, and with winning comes the ability to dictate committee assignments, floor votes, and investigations. There are going to be a lot of entertaining things happening over the next two years. Buckle up and enjoy the show.

  • Robert Kunkle says:

    Pelousy gone, and in Texas, Butthole O’Rouke is gone! At least he has been defeated in EVERY race he ran in – maybe he’ll try again so we can reject him again! It’s a good day. House GOP – get going cleaning up the DIM DIM Biden mess!

  • Robert Kunkle says:

    At least that will get her out of the country!!

  • BWH says:

    With the majority, they should kick Schiff out of any committees based on his proven changing of evidence and lying on committee.

  • US Marine says:

    Now Republicans kick Mitch out of the way, grow a pair, and get on with taking care of the people. That’s what you’re there for.

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