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Republicans Are in the Lead to Take Back Congress

With just 24 days away from the midterm elections, Republicans and Democrats are going neck to neck to try and gain control of Congress.

According to a new Rasmussen poll, Republicans are holding a massive lead over Democrats.

If the election were held today, 48 percent of U.S. voters said that they were voting Republican, compared to the 41 percent who said they would vote Democrat.

The GOP is up three points from last week, where they held a 47 percent hold over Democrats at 43 percent.

Republicans have taken the lead all year in the Congressional Generic ballot. In July they had a record 10-point lead over the Democrats. Although that number has narrowed, it still looks like Republicans will have a positive outcome.

Additionally, the poll concluded that most voters vote oCn which party they affiliate themselves with, however, the poll found that the majority of voters (46 percent) not affiliated with a particular party would vote Republican, while only 30 percent would vote Democrat.

According to CBS News, more Americans are going to vote this year because they are more worried about their rights and freedoms being at stake, more so than their financial well-being.

However, each side feels if the opposition gained control of Congress, voters would have fewer rights and freedoms than they do now.

  • cavalryman says:

    We know there will be cheating again with weighted vote tabulation on electronic machines. The handlers use these poles to adjust the algorithm to benefit progressive democrats.

    To permanently fix this problem We must demand
    (1) Certified real paper ballots
    (2) Hand counted in a bipartisan transparent process
    (3) Citizen voter ID.

    No form of electronic voting or vote counting is fool proof!

    COS NOW!

  • Will says:

    Need to be just saying..
    Really what we need is to run a government that’s for us people of our country whether ur a democrat or a republican!
    Need all to work together also for all of us together as people and country!
    Quit competing about who’s better than another or powergrabbing and finger pointing mess like congress being full of lawyers like CHILDREN instead of professionals!!
    Don’t have any more time for any nonsense because this country is on the the tip edge of an iceberg weighing to drop or to hang on ! Same as whole world s on the edge because we’re on top of an iceberg with a war which so far has not turned into world war 3!!!
    Let’s vote and make goood decisions this midterms and general election because it’s a great time to do so NOW with actions be done rather than just talk talk talk or else be too late!!
    Also need those who are in congress planting bad seeds to be kicked out also been there forever as well lit of elderly out because many are there half’s of our lifetime stubbornly tries to be there for life needs a big boot from us as voters!!!
    Got to go because many who want to run in the past were younger gotten beat also same people continue decades are making it harder or has shut doors for new younger generations of people to run for office as congress also president!! All genders race backgrounds men and women are welcome to run and be seriously for us not to be for themselves like many are now that needs to be booted for good!!!! I don’t want to live until I’m 100 to see same people there since my 20s!!! Enough same faces for decades need to GOGOGO!!!!!
    Good luck and remember this!!

    By an independent!!

  • Russian says:

    I am abrade that Dominion machines will fix it.
    North American territory (formerly USA) now under FASCIST REGIME. Soviet Union stile.
    Death to fascism!
    Death to fascists!
    Death to cubs of fascists (read Bible, Old Testament, Exodus 34:7 for justification of action)!

  • Boris says:

    If Democrats take control of Congress, it won’t be necessary to take a flight to Venezuela to experience what a 3rd world Marxist State is like. We will be living in one.



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