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Republican Senator’s Female Staffer Robbed at Gunpoint in DC

A staff member for Republican Alabama Sen. Katie Britt was robbed at gunpoint in DC on Thursday night.

Amanda Peper, Britt’s scheduler, had parked her car around 8:20 p.m. and was walking to her apartment building when the robbery occurred.

According to a report from Fox 5 DC, the robber approached her, pointed a gun at her face, and said, “Give me your purse and keys.”

Peper complied and handed over her belongings.

The robber took her purse, got into her car, and fled.

“We thank God that she is safe and sound after this terrifying incident, and we’re grateful to the Capitol Police Department and Metropolitan Police Department officers who quickly and professionally responded to the scene,” Senator Britt said in a statement.

Sen. Britt blamed the rising crime in the city and urged leaders to do more to combat it.

“It is infuriating and completely unacceptable that an American who is on Capitol Hill to serve her country cannot safely walk the streets of Washington, D.C. at 8:30 at night because of the out-of-control crime in this city,” the senator continued. “Just look at the police department’s own numbers – this year, robberies are up 68% and motor vehicle thefts are up 102%. Local elected officials in the District of Columbia have the responsibility not just to their citizens, but to the country, to step up and get a hold of the crime crisis ravaging the streets of our nation’s capital.”

Fox News reports that this is not the first time a Capitol Hill worker has been victimized this year:

Earlier this month, Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar was carjacked at gunpoint by three men.

In March, Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said that a member of his staff was “brutally attacked.”

In February, Minnesota Rep. Angie Craig was attacked in an elevator at her apartment building before fighting off her attacker.

  • Russian says:

    This cute lady should carry firearm and use it on criminal semi-animals 13%-ters bonobo.

  • Me says:

    Why isn’t she ARMED? Is she a REAL Republican or another RINETTE in waiting?

  • Threelies One says:

    Well all I can think to say is YOU’RE THE MOTHERFUCKERS IN CHARGE, SO SUCK IT!

  • Resting on the Beach YET again this weekend. He has absolutely NO moral compass or scruples! says:

    What did they expect? Add 10 million illegals to a Country without vetting 90% of them. Most aren’t able to work, speak the language or even read a Job Application to complete one – so how are they to SURVIVE? Then, let’s look at Bidenomics, that Janet Yellen admitted, the numbers are skewed drastically because they subtracted the Trillions that Joe had said he would pump into the economy by canceling student debt = never happened as he promised on the campaign trail so therefore NO “reduction” in COSTS should have been taken in the 2022 year-end cost; so when added back into the 2023 number plus the 2023 student loans, he again put in there for this year – – it is nothing more than Happy, Effective Numbers that were created in a Fantasy Land that have ZERO factual value. His numbers made it look as if the Inflation was not nearly as bad & devastating as it truly is to every single American = HE LIED AGAIN. When a loaf of bread, Walmart – (made in store, baked fresh daily) has always been $1/loaf for 8+ years until Jan 2021 (Trumps exit) – it then rose to $1.48 and is now $1.78 per…..a 78% increase just on a loaf of bread. AOC said ONE accurate thing “People are stealing bread for sandwiches, because they are hungry” – – a 78% increase is unheard of, staggering and impeachable.

    Don’t expect it to get better until and unless Trump wins in Nov 2024, then takes office and demands manufacturers & companies punish the shoplifters and daylight thieves and slows the crime rate down ASAP = as all of those “costs” to every Business being robbed nonstop, and shoppers are filling their carts and casually walking out of most stores without paying AND without PENALTY and PUNISHMENT. So, inflation is killing us, but the marked-up prices due to THEFT are devastating all of our Wallets. IF we get Crime & Punishment back under Control with New Leadership = we might be able to survive somewhat beginning in 18 months or so. Also, Trump desperately needs to look into Profit Margins – – far too many got accustomed to these years of massive, inflated salaries & year-end bonuses in the upper Executive Levels while they keep the worker-bees struggling and the customers scraping by – – Far too many Executives & Boards of Directors are making massive profits, and the Biden Greed has overtaken our economy – Bidenomics benefits wealthy executives only.

    Biden’s style & policies on ALL aspects need to be purged and a Massively Large Reset button that puts America back as it was in January 2020, would do all of us a massive reprieve from the suffering we have been doing since. Scrub and Remove EVERY single one of Biden changes that he made to this Nation, begin sanctioning other Nations and holding them accountable for not purchasing US goods when the US is purchasing THEIR exports, per contract = Biden is killing all of us in every category possible, financial, safety, health (life expectancy is decreasing for the 1st time in 50+ yrs), emotional, personal interactions drastically decreased (language barriers), etc.

    How can Illinois continue to shell out 9K a month to ILLEGALS and how is that even Constitutional with US tax dollars? FJB each and every day until he is 6′ under or behind bars (doubtful it will ever happen) – Then place a large floor over top him so all of us can dance upon his grave and verbally tell him what we each thought of his 50 yrs of being a “public servant”. Leaving a pair of chop sticks will be deemed appropriate, as well as, many other items – Don’t permit tax dollars to clean his gravesite up on a daily basis; make sure his own family must do that task so they can appreciate what America truly thought of the delusional, inept POS and each of them too!

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