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Republican Presidential Candidate Flies 3-Word Banner Over Biden’s Delaware Beach House

A Republican presidential candidate has a message for Hunter Biden — and he’s going to great lengths to notify the president’s son personally.

A low-flying propeller plane displayed a “Prosecute Hunter Biden” banner over the beaches of North Shore and Dewey Beach in Delaware on Friday, according to the New York Post.

The location isn’t a coincidence.

President Joe Biden’s Rehoboth Beach “Summer White House” is located squarely in the middle of the plane’s flight route.

However, if the stunt was intended to give either Biden a real-life scare, it appeared to overlook the question of who was in the beach home.

The elder Biden, who has frequently departed the White House for getaways in the resort community, wasn’t home at the time.

Biden plans to cut short yet another vacation, this time to Nevada’s Lake Tahoe, to visit the island of Maui in Hawaii after devastating wildfires killed more than 100 people in the community, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

There’s no indication that Hunter Biden was staying at his father’s house, either.

The Bidens bought the Delaware beach house in 2017 for $2.7 million, and it had increased in value to $3.4 million by March 2021, Forbes reported at that time. Zillow now estimates the value to be in the neighborhood of $4.8 million.

A super PAC supporting Republican presidential candidate and Miami, Florida, mayor Francis Suarez was behind the banner-plane stunt, according to the Post.

The pro-Suarez SOS America PAC had promised to conduct the stunt if 1,000 donors contributed to the organization, the Post reported.

Suarez — considered by some to be a long-shot candidate for the Republican presidential nomination — claimed he had met the official criteria required to qualify for the party’s first debate in a Friday tweet.

Federal prosecutors moved to dismiss a tax-fraud charge against the younger Biden earlier this month, according to Fox News.

The development came after a judge declined to accept Biden’s sweetheart plea deal for tax and gun charges.

  • cj says:

    I guess in this country now the bigger the liar Joe Biden the more people vote for him ??What the hell does that tell you about p[eople in gen ?sick twisted fkers who follow anman who lies arabout himself at every trun and he runs the country ? WHY ? Does that mean, who is the best at dealing illegally with a sick drugie kid Hunter and his daddy who lies about his life and school get the best voters ha ha ha . Says in a nut shell this country has some fked up sick lying fools and it is getting worse .born brain dead run brain dead ,live brain dead .

  • Diehard Constitutionalist says:

    Suarez BOUGHT HIS WAY into the Republican Debate. His campaign PAID $20 FOR EACH $1 “Contribution” to his campaign in order to meet the donor quota to be on the debate stage this Wednesday. “Legal” does NOT mean educated voters won’t notice!! CORRUPTION is CORRUPTION, no matter which party! We already have one of those in the WH. NOT stepping into the appearance of impropriety MATTERS!!




      Hyena are you doing your best impersonation of Camelhead Harris??
      Hehe Haha The Passege of time isn’t fast enough right now. Hurry up November 2024!!! A lot of work to be done starting 3rd week of January 2025. MAGA Hehe Haha Camelhead Is Dead!!!

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