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Republican Mayor Removed After Opposing to Flying Pride Flag Outside Town Hall

The mayor of a New Jersey town has been ousted by his colleagues after a slew of incidents and controversies, including his opposition to raising a rainbow flag at town hall for Pride Month.

Three Republicans and one Democrat on the Rochelle Park Township Committee voted 4-0 to remove Mayor Perrin Mosca from his office on Wednesday, a video recording of the meeting shows. Mosca is also a member of the committee but did not vote, telling TND he was “boycotting” the decision by doing so.

Mosca allegedly called some elected officials “not good Catholics” for supporting the raising of a Pride flag at town hall and also allegedly threatened those who disagreed with him, according to reporting from the New Jersey Globe. The former mayor has pushed back against those allegations, however.

Mosca has embarrassed the township and brought its governance to a screeching halt, threatening two decades of progress,” former mayor and current Republican municipal chairman Frank Valenzuela said, according to the Globe.

Unfortunately, he used his position to create a negative atmosphere guided by his personal ideals versus what is best for the residents of Rochelle Park,” Valenzula reportedly added.

Deputy Mayor Jennifer Appice will now serve as acting mayor until the committee’s next meeting where a vote for a new mayor can be held.

Mosca reportedly claims that “somebody with a political motive” gave out “incorrect details” in regard to his objections surrounding the raising of the Pride flag at town hall.

The now-former mayor says that he never made the “not good Catholics” remark, according to reporting from Mosca then reportedly began calling out the lone Democrat official who voted to oust him, Linda Boniface, and made several claims about her.

Boniface “gave the Nazi salute not once but twice” during a meeting last month, Mosca reportedly claimed. The former mayor also claimed the Democratic official once said a child audience member of a committee meeting was a “serial killer” as she could “see it in his eyes,” reports.

Mosca requested to speak with The National Desk (TND) after an initial inquiry and provided details to TND staff during a phone call. He told TND that his issue with flying the Pride flag is that he believes no other flags should fly alongside it and he worries about American children being “overwhelmed” and “indoctrinated” by LGBT ideology.

The former mayor stressed that he has strong beliefs on the subject and will continue fighting on behalf “of the kids.” Mosca is a science teacher at Lyndhurst High School and has coached girls’ basketball teams. Mosca says he is currently coaching boys’ basketball.

He says he is the father of six children, soon to be seven, and as he has taught and coached for decades he “loves” and cares for all the kids in his community.

He told TND he is unsure of the source of many of the allegations made against him, but did add that it was a private attendee of a committee meeting who made the accusation he called other elected officials “not good Catholics,” a statement he denies making.

The New Jersey Globe reports that this incident and “infighting” among Republicans in the town of Rochelle Park “could result in Democratic control after the November election.”

Out of the five available seats on the township committee, three are reportedly on the ballot this year.

Mosca is reportedly still going to run for mayor in 2024, but the local GOP has reportedly withdrawn support for his reelection. Mosca contests that he is still supported by local Republicans and will be running as a Republican.

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