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Republican Governor Declares State of Emergency Over Police Officer Shortage

Governor Jeff Landry (R-LA) declared a state of emergency in Louisiana on Friday over a shortage of law enforcement officers in the state.

Landry made the declaration in an executive order that comes just days before the legislature will meet for a special session on crime, which the governor said will focus on strengthening the criminal justice system and repealing soft-on-crime policies. According to the Louisiana Sheriffs Association, there is a shortage of 1,800 deputies as of July 2023.

“As a former police officer and sheriff’s deputy, I understand the vital role our law enforcement officers play in our communities. Currently, our state is facing a shortage of officers, resulting in increased crime and less public safety. Today’s executive order, and the upcoming crime special session, will ensure our law enforcement officers are supported and we can begin to bring law and order back to our state,” Landry said.

Landry’s order comes as cities around the country have struggled to retain police officers and recruit amid increasing crime and a push by some activists to “Defund the Police.” Some entities are even considering letting non-citizens join the ranks of the police.

The executive order says that the “national police officer shortage has affected Louisiana with departments experiencing record-low employment and an increase in police officer response times resulting in an increased threat to the lives, property, and safety of persons within the state of Louisiana.”

The Louisiana Sheriff’s Association praised the executive order, saying that it highlighted “the importance of the law enforcement profession and our state’s desperate need to fill valuable front line deputy positions.”

During the special session, Landry wants the legislature to look at restricting parole eligibility, expanding the criteria to revoke parole and probation, increasing penalties for carjackings, upgrading illegal use of weapons to the violent crime category, granting immunity under certain conditions to peace officers, and creating a criminal offense for the marketing of fentanyl to minors.

“This special session begins to fulfill the campaign promises we made to the people of Louisiana to make our State Safe Again. No one, regardless of their neighborhood or zip code, should feel unsafe. We all want safer communities,” Landry said. “We will defend and uplift our law enforcement officials and deliver true justice to crime victims who have been overlooked for far too long.”

New Orleans, whose police force Landry previously said was in “shambles,” consistently ranks as one of the most violent cities in America. Landry took office in January after his election in October flipped control of the governor’s mansion in after promising to crack down on crime in the state.

  • True Patriot says:

    Sixty plus years ago my dad said ” Son I am going to teach you how to shoot and shoot well. The Marines taught me and I am going to teach you.”
    Back then I thought he was talking about all the hunting we did. Now I realize what amazing insight my dad had of the future. Thank you Dad, I feel sufficiently ready for what you forecasted.

  • TD says:

    We need Trump to do this to the whole United States like Louisiana and you know he will bigly, You can count on it a 100%, Vote for Trump

  • Bret says:

    Defund the police. Violent attacks on police. Police arrested and prosecuted for doing their lobs. The media attacking police in every story and declaring them guilty until proven innocent. Terrible moral amongst the police. States no t prosecuting criminals. DA returning criminals awaiting trials to the streets. States spending more time convicting Trump and anti abortionists and conservatives and fake j6 peaceful protesters than the criminals. Do you wonder why police recruitment is way down. Then you see the idiot cop who fired at his own vehicle after an acorn hit the roof of his vehicle. Even lowering the bar that allowed this idiot in has not helped filling the many openings

  • JJ says:

    Now that the “Defund the Police” groups have had their say, now we have a shortage of police officers and this seems to be nationwide problem!!! No one wants to be a cop anymore because they are constantly disrespected, they are beaten and murdered, they are cursed at when they are just trying to do their job!!! It’s too bad that the cities went to the point that they did by not having the backs of their officers, consistently telling them to stand down or letting the criminals go with no bail to go out and re-offend!!! This is soon going to be a country run by criminals – oh, wait, it’s already happening!!!

  • Sue says:

    Why would anyone want to be a police officer, They have no backing, Black on Black shootings every day where is the outrage but god forbid the police touch one of them here comes the big old Lawyers, money,money,money, They hate the word Law and Order and their crimes go unpunished, This is what’s been allowed to happen by your crooked Judiciary System.Call in the National Guard see if they get more respect, doubt it ?



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