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Reporter Caught on Hot Mic Making Embarrassing Admission About DeSantis Coverage

A reporter based out of Florida was caught on a hot mic before a Tuesday press conference with Governor Ron DeSantis (R) explaining her job was to make him “uncomfortable.”

Atyia Collins, a reporter for First Coast News, can be heard talking with others before the event started.

“My job here is to ask tough questions and make him uncomfortable, I guess. I’m gonna try! Gonna try to at least get one,” Collins said, adding she would like to run up and yell questions at him.

Members of DeSantis communication staff took issue with Collins’ comments, who did manage to ask DeSantis a misleading question about the state’s efforts to ensure pornography is not available to school children.

Collins tweeted about the press conference but then locked tweet to prevent users from commenting on it after it was revealed she was the one who was on the hot mic.

“Hi FCN2go – is it the job of your station to keep the people of Northeast Florida informed about the news in their communities and in our state? Or is it to ‘make the governor uncomfortable’ by “rushing up to him when he gets off stage and yelling questions?” Christina Pushaw asked.

  • William da stupid says:

    Proof positive not everyone benefits from a college education. Stupid remains stupid; and this (insert pronoun) is stupid. Maybe thats her pronoun…. WOW …. Unique and accurate!

  • Kevin says:

    While on the subject of schools, I’d like to know what’s being done about professors at Columbia (and elsewhere I’m sure) who are telling students outright that capitalism is evil and that a socialist revolution is needed in America to make things better. A recent graduate of Columbia, an immigrant/escapee from North Korea, just today said that what she heard in class at Columbia by professors were the same brainwashing things she heard in North Korea before being traffiked as a sex slave in China. ‘America/capitalism bad, communism good.’ How are these disloyal, America hating professors/teachers allowed to teach in our schools? How is it that they have not been tarred and feathered (figuratively speaking) and thrown out of the schools? The longer we tolerate this stuff the more of our children are brainwashed into hating us. This should be a “page 1, above the fold” story, nationwide. Why is it not?

  • EZ says:

    quick fix, make the press take an IQ test before every briefing

  • Someone should slap the tar out of that stupid, spoiled halfrican moron.

  • Robert C Wise says:

    Always assume a mic is hot. What a bimbo.



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