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Reporter Breaks Down in Tears on Live TV as She Announces Colleagues’ Sudden Death

This week, Matthew Rodrigopulle, a reporter for Global News Regina, died suddenly in his home. He was only 24 years old.

Global Regina morning show anchor Kimberley Fowler shared the shocking and tragic news of the passing of Matthew Rodrigopulle during a live telecast.

“Before we leave you this morning, we have some sad news to share. This is our first morning back on the air after a member of the global Regina team has passed away,” Fowler announced while shaken up.

“Our Matthew Rodrigopulle sadly died suddenly yesterday in his home in Regina… And we extend our condolences to his family. Matthew Rodrigopulle will be dearly missed, and we like to sign off in honor of Matthew this morning,” Fowler concluded.

Watch the video below:

It is still unclear what caused Matthew’s death, as his network did not provide further information.

Back in June 2021, Matthew announced on his Twitter account that he was fully vaccinated.

Tributes have poured in following Matthew’s death.

“The Leafs Nation team is heartbroken to share the shocking and tragic news of the passing of Matthew Rodrigopulle.

“Matthew joined our team in 2020 while finishing up his degree at then Ryerson University, now Toronto Metropolitan University, and we were privileged to have here for over a year before he went on to pursue one of his career goals of being on air journalist, which he did for Global Regina,” Leafs Nation said.

  • Sherlock says:

    Truly amazing to see that those who pushed the toxic clot shot are dropping like flies. Yup. “SADS” sudden adult death syndrome. Healthy, young men, women & children who have had the Gates/Fauchi poison vax which was DESIGNED to KILL are dying on a massive scale. The NWO depopulation agenda on schedule.

  • Steve says:

    Maybe its time for our journalists to learn about investigative journalism. For the last three years they have done nothing but read a script sent to them by Trudeau and the WEF.

  • prsmith says:

    SADS likely induced by the VC19 jab. The vaccine manufacturers knew about this and produced/sold it anyway…they are liable as is the government who shilled for them.



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