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Reported 911 Call by Lauren Boebert’s Son May Be Major Clue Into Recent Divorce Filing

A new report said that a son of Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado made a 911 call in December in which he claimed his father was “throwing me around.”

The report by Insider said Jayson Boebert denied any kind of physical altercation with his son.

Rep. Boebert filed for divorce last month citing “irreconcilable differences.”

In a statement to Insider on Thursday, she said: “The safety and well-being of my f amily are the most important things in the world to me. We’ve had some tough times and heartache. I’ve taken action to ensure there are better days ahead for all of us.”

The Insider reported that on Dec. 11 at 6:46 p.m., a Garfield County dispatcher received a call from a sobbing teenager. The dispatcher asked the teen if his father had made physical contact.

“Yes, he was throwing me around,” the boy said, adding, “He called me a psycho, when he’s the …”

The dispatcher said an officer would be sent to the home and asked about weapons.

“I mean, there are weapons in the house, yeah, but I don’t think he’d use them on me,” the teen said. “He just does this to me so much.”

“I’m in the driveway, but my mom’s staying down at the farmhouse because there’s problems with them. I’m going down there where he can’t get to me,” he said.

In a second call that came about five minutes later, the teen retracted part of his story.

“All I wanted to say is, me and my dad were starting to yell. He didn’t really get physical with me,” the teen said.

Lauren Boebert then took over the conversation, according to Insider.

“Hi, I’m the mom,” she said.

“OK. There was an argument over dinner. I understand you guys got to come and talk to them,” she said.

“Just to let you know, I have him. His dad’s at the house.”

After the dispatcher said an officer was on the way to talk to Jayson Boebert and his son, to see if the teen needed help, Lauren Boebert replied, “He doesn’t need help. But yeah, they can come here.”

Insider reported said that a police log of the incident showed that Jayson Boebert admitted that he argued with his son and that he told his son to go to the farmhouse.

He said he did not hurt his son, but “maybe the door touched his butt on the way out.”

According to the report, the officer wrote in the log that the boy said, “He started yelling at his dad first, and his dad wasn’t physical.” The officer added that the teen “said he wasn’t sure why he said that his dad hurt him, but he was upset.”

There were no marks on the boy, the log noted.

Jayson Boebert told the Insider that “nothing physical” happened that day and that he sent the boy to make the 400-yard walk to the farmhouse to “cool off” after the argument.

“He overreacted. We’re back to being a family,” he said.

“Every teenage boy is going to want to test the bull,” he said. “We’ve gotten over it.”

The Insider report said that in August, a neighbor accused Jayson Boebert of running over his mailbox and threatening him.

According to the New York Post, an affidavit from a process server stated that Jayson Boebert was “extremely angry” when he was served with divorce papers, and sicced dogs on the server. The affidavit stated that Jayson Boebert was cleaning a gun while drinking beer at the time.

“He started yelling and using profanities and told me that I was trespassing, and that he was calling the Sheriff’s Office. I told him I was leaving the documents on the chair outside of the door. He closed the door then let the dogs out,” the affidavit stated.

  • Louis Galmarini says:

    I hope Truth Press got the memo that the ENTIRE story about dogs, guns, and alcohol has been since found to be FALSE INFORMATION. It was recanted by the server, himself.

  • Stephen Webers says:

    Good Advice to everyone. Mind your own henhouse and if you just can’t seem to keep your squawker shut when it comes to private family matters,make sure you know all the facts of the case. Thank You.



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