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Report: More Than 70 Children Missing After Jihadi Attacks

Over 70 children are missing after jihadist attacks in Mozambique’s northern Cabo Delgado province, state authorities told the BBC on Tuesday.

Officials said that 72 children are still unaccounted for amid civilian panicked flight following jihadi violence, the BBC reported.

Mozambique President Filipe Nyusi maintained that the jihadi intentionally targeted the area to kidnap children, the outlet noted.

Authorities raised fears that some of the children were kidnapped by fighters tied to the Islamic State and that some may have been placed in training camps used by these organizations, the outlet noted. Mozambique has been experiencing an Islamist insurgency since 2017.

“More than 61,000 children have fled a new wave of violence in Cabo Delgado provinces in Mozambique in the past two months, the highest number uprooted in such a short period,” Save the Children claimed in a press release.

“The recent spate of conflict and attacks represents a major setback in efforts to rebuild the lives of children and families in Cabo Delgado. We are calling for an immediate end to this conflict so children can live a peaceful life and go back to school,” Save the Children’s Country Director Brechtje van Lith said in the press release.

“Displaced people often have been highly traumatised by the violence,” Esperança Chinhanja, a Doctors Without Borders psychologist, said in a press release by the organization. The organization estimated that over 80,000 persons were displaced since Jan. in their press release.

  • John sweet says:

    That is how they recruit new jihadist for cannon fodder. Brain washing a child is so much easier and they abuse them sexually to degrade Them even further.

  • Raconteur Duck says:

    When the populace of a country is disarmed, the only ones with guns are the criminals, terrorists, and government. Many times they are indistinguishable from each other. Disarming the populace has only resulted in tyranny and the death of the disarmed, everywhere it has been implemented.



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