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REPORT: Major League Soccer Player Anton Walkes Dies at Age 25

Major League Soccer player Anton Walkes died in a boating accident in South Florida, according to reports shared early Thursday morning.

Several outlets report that Walkes died as a result of a boat crash. Wales was reportedly found unconscious at the scene of a two-boat crash late Wednesday afternoon near Miami. Miami Fire and Rescue allegedly performed CPR on Walkes. He was later pronounced dead.

Walkes, 25, was a defender for Charlotte FC, according to MLS. Originally from England, he became a professional soccer player in 2016 after graduating from the Tottenham Hotspur’s academy.

He played 93 games throughout three seasons for MLS at Atlanta United starting in 2017 before being selected by Charlotte in the 2021 MLS Expansion Draft. News of his death was shared by the official Charlotte FC Twitter account.

“There are no words to describe the sorrow of everyone in Major League Soccer today after learning of the tragic passing of Anton Walkes of Charlotte FC. Anton was a talented and dedicated player who was loved by his teammates and fans,” MLS shared in an official statement. “We extend our deepest condolences to his partner, family, friends and the entire Charlotte FC family. MLS is coordinating with Charlotte FC to provide players and family members with the resources and support they may need during this tragic time.”

  • Susan says:

    boating accident? Really?

  • Art LaPella says:

    One more time (is anybody really listening?)

    If dying in a boating accident is proof the vaccine caused it, then this type of death – in this case a boating accident – must be impossible for unvaccinated people. If it isn’t impossible, then dying in a boating accident doesn’t prove anything.

    If dying in a boating accident is impossible for unvaccinated people, then dying in a boating accident must have been impossible before vaccination was possible.

    Actually, deaths from U.S. boating accidents have been close to 700 per year, at least since 2001.

    That should be impossible, right? So one of your assumptions has to be wrong. Hint: look for the first “If” in my post.

    Why don’t you keep talking about IgG4 for instance? At least that story is harder to investigate.

  • DZR says:

    This is a daily occurrence now – the damn COVID VAXXX is killing off a lot of people.

  • Jim Degnan says:

    Assuming most of these reports of young people dying is proposing that the various vaccines may be culpable somehow, I was ust curious why we’re not hearing about any young political aids or politicians suffering the same fate at similar ratios. I’m not saying that there is no connections but there appears to be gaps that I don’t understand.

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