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Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Diagnosed with Cancer

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee has been diagnosed with pancreatic ca cancer, the 74-year-old longtime Texas Democrat announced Sunday night.

Jackson Lee announced in a statement posted to X that she’s undergoing treatment for a disease “that impacts tens of thousands of Americans every year.”

The Congressional Black Caucus member noted she “will be occasionally absent from Congress” as she receives treatment.

But Jackson Lee added that she’s “committed to working with our Congressional Leadership including Leader Hakeem Jeffries and the Speaker of House to serve this nation and be present for votes on legislation that is critical for the prosperity and security of the American people.”

“I am confident that my doctors have developed the best possible plan to target my specific disease. The road ahead will not be easy, but I stand in faith that God will strengthen me.”

— Excerpt from Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s statement

Jackson Lee, a senior member of the House Committees on the Judiciary, Homeland Security, in March won a primary election in March to regain her Texas’ 18th District seat that comprises parts of Houston after last year losing a bid to become the city’s mayor.

In May, the Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Federal Government Surveillance reintroduced the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.

  • Auntie Vyris® says:

    Which god does she worship? I ask because the one I worship demands a very different set of behaviors than those displayed by Sheila Jackson Lee.

  • Scott Hoag says:

    If you still believe in GOD, please don’t kill more babies.

  • Russian says:

    Hope it will be painful death after long suffering.

  • george fate eady says:


  • Sam says:

    When did congress become a nursing home? Are former Congress members afraid to retire on their Social Security they drizzle out to us “commoners”? There should be a mandatory retirement age of 70 for Congress. This death bed voting needs to stop.



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