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Protests Erupt in Paris After Marine Le Pen’s Party Wins Big in Parliamentary Elections

Protests rocked Paris and several other cities across France after French President Emmanuel Macron’s party suffered massive losses in Sunday’s first round of parliamentary elections. Marine Le Pen’s right-wing populist party, the National Rally Alliance, was the big winner.

National Rally, according to Politico, came out of the first round with 34% of the vote — up from 18.7% in 2022 — which means that it is possible for them to win an outright majority next week.

Macron’s Ensemble Coalition, largely viewed as centrist, finished third in the vote count with 20% (down from 25.8% in 2022). The far left party came away with 28.1%, which Politico reported as a “strong showing” but not likely strong enough to follow it up with a majority win next week.

In the wake of the elections, left-wing protesters — reportedly an amalgam of French socialists, communists, and pro-Palestinians — descended upon Paris’ Place de la République by the thousands. Other demonstrations were reported in Strasbourg, Lyon, Nantes and Lille.

“Mass Demonstrations and Riots by Far-Left Groups alongside Islamists are ongoing tonight in the French Capital of Paris as well as several other Cities around the Country, in Response to today’s Election Results which saw the Right-Wing Populist Party, National Rally led by Marine Le Pen make Major Gains in the French Parliament,” OSINTdefender posted via X, sharing several videos of the protests.

“Notice how out all of the Flags being waved by these Demonstrators, none are the French Flag.”


  • DeniseRS says:

    This is what is coming to the USA in November because of the traitors currently in the Washington, DC. The left seems to supports terrorist.

  • maga24 says:

    They need to throw out all the foreigners who dont work, cant speak the language, and wont assimilate. Vive Le Pen!

    The goddam socialists there wanted 90% income taxes. If the govt was taking anywhere close to 90% of my paychecks im not working. Anything over 10% taxes is robbery, In France or in the USA.

  • Sadie says:

    And this is the exact reason Le Pen is doing so very well. French people are sick and tired of this liberal shit, uncontrolled immigration, lack of police protection, failed judicial system, and a lack of assimilation by those that are legal immigrants. It’s the same issues many other countries are having!

  • CommonSense says:

    Note: None of the flags carried by protesters were the French flag

  • Nidog54 says:

    Good maybe something will get done with all the vast array of destructive terrorist types there. They need some El Salvador treatment. Here wouldn’t hurt either. Stock up people.



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